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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Tuesday...emm...Mr Lim gonna come today..yup..his second observation on my practicum. Well...i hope i am well prepared even though not 100%..but hell yeah..i somehow feel that i am ready..fully ready...
Woke up checked both of my phone..*sigh* emm..closed my eyes back n lied down for another 5 minutes.. i sound sms neither missed call from anyone especially him..where have u been...? are u still alive?? I know he is..
Got up from my bed n straight to shower. My mind keep on playing this stupid love song while i'm having my shower. I lied to myself n i told myself every single day, every single times that i'm OK with it. Got dressed n had a cup of hot milo before i hit the road! A cup of Milo plus 10 pills of Spirullina's help me on the track for the whole day! 
What a bright day...sight-seeing while driving all my way to school. What a beautiful country-side! 
My day started as early as 730am. I wondered is Mr Lim really comes today? emm...i hope he does..
n predicament was right..he came but quite the observation went on...
12p.m! finally...the class has ended! but not so fast..i cannot just wrap up all my stuff n dash home..i still have an after-observation session with Mr Lim. It is a reflection on what did i taught, how was my class management n my lesson plans of cause! bla..bla..bla...ok! all i'm ready to go home! 1.30pm..emm..everyone left..just me..all alone..waiting for Lofrine to come n pick me up. 

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