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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Things I Want For Christmas.

Christmas? HOHOHO.. xDD
Christmas is just around the corner..hahaha..can't wait for Christmas. ** in the mood for Christmas d..hehehe**
Christmas @ " Gift-Giving" festive season.
For this coming Christmas, there are 10 things that i wanted. ** actually it is more than 10..but due to some reasons, i cut off the list**

10 Things For Christmas.

1. A new pair of gladiator wedges.

2. LBD ** Little Black Dress. 

3. Latest plus-size handbag.

4. A pair of flip-flop.

5. M.A.C . Concealer 

6. Skinny Jeans

7. Apple Pie

8. A cardigan.

9. A Tartan Scarf

10. My boyfriend..hehehe..

These are the things..** or person** that i want for my 2009 Christmas. But most of all, i wanna spend my Christmas with my boyfriend, buddies and my beloved family..Muahx!!


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress or LBD.. Most of the girls will cry their heart out just to get a LBD for themselves. even i myself will do the same thing too. hehehehe... I really in love with LBD..huhuhu.. Right now i'm collecting LBD in my closet. For me LBD is evergreen. It will never out-dated with the time. This is so EVERGREEN. Right now, i think i got 5 o 6 different styles of LBD in my closet. From bareback to gothic style. I'm planning to buy myself a new LBD for this coming festive season. One just caught my eyesight a moment ago while i window shopping with my buddy.. VOIR spaghetti strap LBD..huhuhu.. Wait till my allowance comes out, then i'll rush up to that boutique and get that LBD before it sold out. It is worthy for me even the price tag is RM 150. hehehe.. I'll do anything just to get that LBD. ** Even thinking of robbing that boutique, in order just to get that LBD. ** hahahaha...

Little Black Dress 
** That caught my eyes..**

This LBD absolutely HOT!! I rather cry a week begging money from my mum just to buy this...LOL..
p/s Actually i got one white dress that look-alike with the LBD at the left side.

This is SUPER-SEXY!!

This kinda look likes the LBD that i saw at the mall this evening. SIMPLE but ELEGANT.

Oh!! Sexy-Back..hehehe

Simple yet trendy.

Unique and Classy.

LBD..LBD...hehehehe..How i wish i have my own designer to design my own LBD.. hemm...<3

Me in LBD..Bareback LBD..I paired it with a pair of Black Gladiator Flat. Look cute huh? hehehe.. A gladiator flat just to add some detail to a simple LBD..Matched!! LOL..

Church to Club...

Oh how i wish i can remember my old blog password...huh..damn it...i recently forgetting i that busy? duhh...i just got myself into trouble recently...huhuhu.. It all started on one not very fine day..that 20th November...huhuhu.. 
Its begin when i arrived at the Kuching airport that evening. My flight was delayed for an hour. i just loitering around without knowing what to do. Then i transit in Bintulu airport for about 45 minutes..huhuhuhu..and the flight was...SUCK!!! I hate flying when it's raining..huhuhu..Scared that it might crash and burn..huhuhuhu..Then i arrived in Miri around 7.30pm and i had Starbucks for my dinner while waiting for my buddy to pick me. So i guess you guys know where i'm heading to and from right..?? From Kuching to Miri duhh...Then my buddy came and we headed to Canada Hill church in Miri. She got Youth Ministry that night. So i just followed her. Then, i got a called from my other friend, so i decided to followed him go mamam.. I'm still starving and boring too ma...Then after we ate our dinner, the both of us meet up with some of my friends in Victoria Club, Eastwood..That night was my friend's birthday..BLA>>BLA>>>Couples of drinks and chit chat and tipsy-tipsy, and it was almost the end of the night life...Jeng..Jeng..Jeng.. We were about to leave the club, then suddenly one of my friend got stopped by a group of unknown guys. OMG!! U know what happened? These guys chased us. They chased us just because of...** Some stupid misunderstanding.**...OH shit..huhuhuhu...First and the last ** I hope so ** I been chased by a group of mad man... Adrenaline really help us out this time. Thank's Adrenaline..** As if it is a human..hehehe..** The level of adrenaline really rise up just likes the mercury in a thermometer rising up so high till the thermometer burst..BLURRPPP!!! It was just likes experienced being chased by ZOMBIES..** that's what my friend Av said...** Hollywood film..hahaha.. While doing my escape from the zombies, i suddenly drop my Nokia Super Nova 7610 Slide..huhuhu..and yet it is purple in color..huhuhuhu...That was the most regretting thing that i've done ....huhuhu.. Till now i cried in my heart and hoping that i can turn back time...If only i don't go to Victoria and just spending my time in church, it would not be like this....huhuhuhu...
Haiz...the morale of the story, never go to the club when you already in the church....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Now You Know

Have you ever thought of flirting? Flirting is fun and healthy social lifestyle. It is a way to express yourself to others and let them know that you adore them. It shows that your confident in showing or expressing yourself. Even though it is an overall harmless behavior, flirtation are actually causing you trouble when it's come to relationship. Hehehe...
It is offensive and often cause jealousy among couples. It is also a disrespectful behavior.
There is a way you can handle flirtation without ending up your relationship. We all want to be special and be the only one that our lover love or have eyes for. Our partner have the right to see or explore whatever or whoever that revolves around them. Just don't act like you are trying to lock your partner or forbid them to socialize. This will lead them becoming more and more..**flirting as if they are single** . It is important to know each other well before you can start an official relationship with your partner. 

It would be best to get in touch with your own 

self-confidence to prevent insecurity, and 

learn to accept your partners personality. 

Flirting is just a part of the personality, So if it 

is bothering you, the best way is you should 

just keep in your mind that your partner is not 

necessary attracted to the person that they 

are flirting with or just keep yourself free 

without thinking of getting jealous. What i 

mean is " Just Chill.."

Being attracted to others could mean that your 

lover is simply acknowledging the good looks 

that another person carries and stops it at that 

point. Attraction does not always create a 

temptation to cheat and you should allow your 

security to grow on this fact.

I hate this feeling...

You feeling down? You feel that you are alone? You feel sad? Everyone that you met in your daily life do get upset or feeling down once in a while or pretty often. Most of the teenagers go through sad period once a month or very often.

Sadness is a feeling that everyone get through. It is one of the normal human emotions or moods.It is the emotion that happen when we lost something important, being disappointed, left behind, or when something sad had happened to them. People often get sad when they feeling lonely.

The world seem to be dark, lonely and cruel when you feeling sad. You feel that you have nothing to move forward. This emotion may crush your normal good mood and make you feel sad and sometimes angry. It happened all the times to me.
Sadness made you feel want to cry and being alone. You might want to be all alone during that period. You also might want someone to comfort you and make you feel better. It feel that a heavy things is being lift up from your shoulders when someone comfort you. A company is important when you get through a sad period. We usually talk about what has made us feel sad and this will help to ease your sadness away.

Feeling sad once a while is natural in our life. Feeling sad all the times will somehow effect your daily course. There a lot of reason why this sadness can effect our life without us knowing it. It can totally changed our personality from someone cheerful into someone grumpy and sensitive.
Feeling sad is not normal when it effect your daily life. It is hard to enjoy good things in your life when you feel sad. This will lead to depression in our life.

The sign of depression.

~ feeling numb
~ guilty or worthless
~ feeling hopeless ( like there is nothing to look forward )
~ thinking and talking about death or commit suicide
~ crying a lot without reason
~ feeling lonely or unloved
~ having troubled to mix up with peers and get irritable all the times
~having trouble to focus on your daily course
~ eat less and sleep more
~ talking alone
~ love being in a quiet and alone.
~ headache and sometimes stomachache or chest pain ( ** kinda sound funny with the stomachache right but it's true. )

It is very important for us who have depression to get help.
Depression can leads to death. Whether commit suicide or fatal accident.
When they do, they will recover so soon.

If you think you have depression or you just have 
sadness that simply will not go away, it is important 
to talk to an adult about it: a parent, relative, 
doctor, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or close 
adult friend. This person can help you find the right 
type of treatment. Many cities also have mental 
health hotlines or suicide hotlines that are listed in 
the phone book. There is always somebody to talk 
to when you are sad or if you are depressed — ** 
Somebody who can help.