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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress or LBD.. Most of the girls will cry their heart out just to get a LBD for themselves. even i myself will do the same thing too. hehehehe... I really in love with LBD..huhuhu.. Right now i'm collecting LBD in my closet. For me LBD is evergreen. It will never out-dated with the time. This is so EVERGREEN. Right now, i think i got 5 o 6 different styles of LBD in my closet. From bareback to gothic style. I'm planning to buy myself a new LBD for this coming festive season. One just caught my eyesight a moment ago while i window shopping with my buddy.. VOIR spaghetti strap LBD..huhuhu.. Wait till my allowance comes out, then i'll rush up to that boutique and get that LBD before it sold out. It is worthy for me even the price tag is RM 150. hehehe.. I'll do anything just to get that LBD. ** Even thinking of robbing that boutique, in order just to get that LBD. ** hahahaha...

Little Black Dress 
** That caught my eyes..**

This LBD absolutely HOT!! I rather cry a week begging money from my mum just to buy this...LOL..
p/s Actually i got one white dress that look-alike with the LBD at the left side.

This is SUPER-SEXY!!

This kinda look likes the LBD that i saw at the mall this evening. SIMPLE but ELEGANT.

Oh!! Sexy-Back..hehehe

Simple yet trendy.

Unique and Classy.

LBD..LBD...hehehehe..How i wish i have my own designer to design my own LBD.. hemm...<3

Me in LBD..Bareback LBD..I paired it with a pair of Black Gladiator Flat. Look cute huh? hehehe.. A gladiator flat just to add some detail to a simple LBD..Matched!! LOL..

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