the sewer system :P

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aloha From Hell - Walk Away

all i wanna do is walk away...

Bosson- one in a million (with lyrics)

you are one in a million for me....

Saturday, July 24, 2010


*** it is important to think before you speak because it might hurt others forever ***

underdog? what does it mean? 

underdog is those who always lose or predicted to lose in a game, competition, life-line, career n etc..
**or it's common name...a LOSER.**

being the underdog is never that easy.
it is because others will always look down at you and never respect you even how hard you will always feel left out by others..

underdog is always treated like fool.
just because they always lose does not mean that they don't a heart.

underdog are human being.
human being that we should show respect equally like others..

making fun of them is not the right way.
this will make their self esteem slopping downwards.

when you lose your confident, your mind will eventually thinking of The Negative.
this negative thinking such as commit suicide, grounded yourself, or even run away from your social life..

some might mockery you or even called you out with those stupid names..
some might play pranks on you or some might just ditch you from the peers.

it is hurt when those guys hate you or making fun of you for the things that you never wanted.

how does it feel when you being mocks every single days in your life..
sure it is SUCK till you don't wanna live anymore.
that is why i wrote down this blog just to tell others that being an underdog is not what they wanted. 
we should give them courage and support.
everyone deserve a second chance to prove themselves.
those who never wanted to give chance or take on opportunity..mean that they are the one who LOSE..
just take note that we are SPECIAL in EVERY DIFFERENT WAYS..

no one want to be born as a UNDERDOG..
it's us who made them..
so make a different by stop look down on those underdog.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

about me ~

i'm just a girl..

a girl with two big round eyes to see the world around me..

with a pair of ears to hear all the gossips in this world..

a mouth to speak out what is in my mind..

a small nose to smell the nice fragrances of nature...

black shiny straight hair as my crown jewel...

152cm height with 48kg weight.*but i guess now it's 51kg*( maybe =P )

two hands to hold every pieces of the earth...

a pairs of feet to walk on the green grass...

10 fingers for me to count 1 till 10...

light brown skin to cover my flesh and blood...

wearing M size for tops, dress and shirts...

28cm for pants and jeans...

heels and sneakers in size 5...

die-hard fan of flips flops and big handbags..

addicted to a flavored food called Peppermint...

love to munch the ice after every drink....

burger and cream puff biggest fan...

a very good kitchen disaster when i was 8...

movie-maniac and love to hit the party all night....

carry big handbag all the times...

wardrobe full of black, dark blue, grey and some white attires...

can't live without family and bff...

and for sure boyfie Mac...

**a lil bit of me **

Saturday, July 17, 2010

** Lazy Saturday..**

Me still in Pj..haha

** beep..beep..**
uhh...who could it be...**Yawning...** kinda dizzy..just awake from sleep**

One new message received..
" I d rch Miri Terminal now honey..After this change bus to Lawas..Love U.."
Sent :
07:46:37 am
Open my eyes widely just to make sure who's the sender..owhh...
**open eyes widely** boyfie..hehehe

Reply text :
Morning b...glad to hear u rch Miri safely..Love u too baby..

** rub my eyes for few times and open it wide**

My boyfie is on his way to Lawas d..hemm..gonna miss him..

Aaa...what should i do today hoh...i should think of a plan today..

**Thinking for a weekend plan while texting with my boyfie & rolling on my cosy lil bed**

hemm... first..
then i think of a plan..check Fb lok...kinda miss my Fb..**kdak lah nya dah lama x online..padahal baru semalam online**

Okey..what we got today...Fb is kinda likes my newspaper@gossip magazine. Yah..x perlu pergi beli surat khabar, Fb lebih cepat dari surat khabar apa....hahaha..likes what Mac always said, " apa susah2 mau bli newspaper, online saja itu Fb..suma ada..cepat lagi tuh..hahaha.."

8 notifications..


what should i do..

emm...eah...i think i should upload some pics lah...

** upload my pics while i go to the bathroom..**berus GG n cuci muka lo..**

kriuk..kriuk...dong..dong..dush..dush..**the sound of the unstoppable orchestra in my tummy since last night..**
What to eat ho...instant maggie mee?? hehehe..i like...
but...aiyo..i feel kinda lazy to cook's ok later...wait till i'm really hungry..hoho

Back to my room, the pics are all done...

Good...sudah upload, tunggu orang komen saja nih..hehehe..
Eh, buka you tube dulu. Want to watch the last episode for She Wolf..ehehe..awal2 tengok padahal di TV3 next Monday will be on air..At 9.30am then i do the house chores..
Looking at my alarm clock..
 12.00 p.m...dohhh...
omg...i haven't do a single house chores...
aiyo...i said i will do it at 9.30am, now is already past 12pm..huhuhu..
Satu kerja pun tidak buat..huhu..
Malas..malas...adohh..why am i so lazy..i woke up early but i'm still on the bed GULING-GULING...till now..

Lazy bum-bum..hahaha some blogging first then i go bath, sweep the place, do the laundry**kain baju dari hari tuh lagi**wash the dishes and then cook for lunch..heheheee
can ka? hehehe..
hahaha...gtg now..a lot of house chores to do..need to do it before 2p.m..
wanna go out for some groceries shopping...gula & dadah saya sudah habis..hehe..**don't get me wrong, it is not that drug@dadah..** it is only my peppermint ice-cream..hahaha..i'm addicted to's my drug..hohoho...

okeh..okeh..udah2 gik..dari td cakap mau stop..masih juga membebel cni..hoho..

ehh...what should i cook for lunch later?? ee...**lazy mode still on...** so i guess maggie mee with egg..nyum..nyum..hahaha...

ada gik me membebel here..hahaha..

Wanna see how i look like on a lazy Saturday??
Sneak Peak here..---------------------------->

Muka Pemalas!!

With my Hello Kitty Pink hair clip...hoho

**If my boyfie found out this..I'm DEAd..**


Friday, July 16, 2010

Jacq's tattoo...

oh damn it...he got a tattoo while i'm still clean..emm what i mean is my skin.. all started this evening, i buzz him just to tell him that i updated my blog d..then he started to make me jealous with his tattoo story..huh!! passion for tattoo become more and more days by days.. I just can't help myself anymore...oh damn it..when can i have mine...huishh!!

Okey, back to his tattoo. I just saw it this evening. Duhh...kinda hardly to believe but that's the truth. He just got himself a tattoo of St Micheal..argghhhhhh!!!

p/s ~~ I really envy Jacq's tattoo.
He told me he just got that tattoo last semester breaks..Is it?? ** amat ka wai..?? ** **baka bulak jak..huhu..jeles ku**

His tattoo is really ** words is not enough to describe it..
I just love it. N i wish to have one.
YM between Thia & Jacq..@ JAcQO..=P
He said ~ Aku bc tattoo..hehehe...** I got tattoo**
I said ~ Bulak ** Liar**
He said ~ True..
I said ~!! * jealous mode activated*
He said ~ I got a tattoo of St Micheal stepping proudly on Lucifer's head.
I said ~ wahh...nice2...huhuhu..i want too..
He said ~ you cannot get yourself a tattoo bcoz u are a teacher.
I said ~ if he is not a teacher too..
He said ~ hahahahaha...**laughing like an evil maniac..**
I said ~ huhuhuhuhu...still jealous and aiming to get one so soon..


SNEAK PEAKS on JACQ's tattoo.

**ngeso tattoo lah tek..**
I'm saying this coz i'm jealous..huhu

the St Micheal's tattoo..

I'm just it just an airbrush tattoo?? hehehe..please say it is..hahaa..coz i'm so jealous..

ha...tok bulak tok..hahaha..
hehehe..**the 1st step, draw it with a needle ball pen..then u continue it with a real sharp needle..till the end..**apa macam?? ada berani??**
dare too??

A lil sneak peaks on jacq's latest tattoo..
**i sound like a reporter who reports weather forecast..**

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Friday...

" beep beep" phone beeping....

Zian ~ Pok, company me to Maybank later...PLEASE!!
Me ~ Why all the sudden Pek? Mok rompak kah? hahaha..** Wanna rob the bank is it?? hahahaha..**
Zian ~ Ka ngiga baru kad atm ku.. ** Wanna make new atm's card. ** 
Me ~ Owhh..ok..later confirm..
Zian ~ Please...need to settle it before tomorrow..wanna withdraw money ASAP!!..
Me ~ Ok2...Lagi ku sms dik baru au..** Text you later ok.**
Zian ~ Please ahh..Ok...

Go or not to go..?
Go or not to go..?
Car..available o not?? ~ Yup o not..? ~ Not very sure.
Cash...?? ~ on diet budget..

At 10.30 a.m.. I decided to go.

Me ~ Pek, i finish class at 11.00 a.m, we go at 12p.m. Need to do some stuff first..
Zian ~ Okeh.. Pick me at 11.55a.m..
Me ~ Ok... :-)
One more thing, wanna go Satok meet up with someone after that, can?
Zian ~ Sapa Pok?? ** Who's that?? **
Me ~ Adalah...lak ko nangga.. ** Somebody..Wait and see..**
Zian ~ Ya..whatever..iskhh..iskhh..
Me ~ hohoho

***************************** phone rang..

Me ~ Hello.. aaa...
Zian ~ Pok..madah 12p.m.. ** You said at 12 p.m.** Now is already half past 12..
Me ~ hehehehe..Sorry Pek..Wait aa, just a second..I'll text you when i reach your place.
Zian ~ Ok...make it FAST!!


On our way to Maybank.

Zian ~ Hopefully they are less customer today. sigh..
Me ~ Yup..hopefully.


Inside Maybank.^_^

Zian ~ another two more peoples, then it's my turn.
Me ~ Owh..yalo..Eh, i go out for a while. i need some fresh so damn " BUSY "..** Busy make me dizzy..**
Zian ~ Okeh..

I popped out from the bank and....with my horror...i saw....FUCKKKK!!!!!


My..oh my...huhuhu

This is what happened..

Sial eah..**

I rushed back to Zian. 

Me ~ Pek, we got a problem..huhuhu...The punctured!! 
Zian ~ Pok...adohh..why it always happened when i'm with you...aiz...How arr??
Me ~ Emmm..IDK...huhuhu
Zian ~ Try to see around the blocks..look for a workshop. I still waiting for my turn now, u go first. i'll go right after i finish my business.
Me ~ Ok..Wish me luck..
Zian ~ GL Pok..

I rushed out and started my quest for the search of WORKSHOP..
** mission impossible song. **
ZERO..i'm so messed up.. Where can i find it. i'm not familiar with this town. huhuhuhuhu..
I walked back to the bank n told Zian that i cannot find any. Zian just finished her bank transaction. 
We both went out from Maybank and started to think what to do. It is impossible to drive the car to the other side of the block because the tyre was in a really bad punctured. 

Me ~ There is a spare tyre in the boot. 
Zian ~ Equipments?
Me ~ All there.. So, are we gonna do this?? ** Puzzled face mode**
Zian ~ Emm...

Both of us staring at each other's face. Under the hot blazing sun in the middle of the town..can we do this?
Can we change the tyre on our own? ** A big QUESTION MARK **

Zian ~ Pok..we have to
Me ~ I know how but..can we?? I mean..It really need the strength of a man to do that.
Zian ~ IDK.. huhuhuhu...Why this always happen to us when there is just U & ME???

I rushed back to Maybank and asked the guard. 

Me ~ Hi Uncle. I need some help. Can u show me where is the nearest workshop here?
I got a situation here, my tyre punctured. So i need help.
Security Guard ~ Owh..i see. The nearest workshop is a few blocks from here. If your tyre is in a bad puncture, i think it will be difficult for you.  Eemm..ahh...Why don't you ask the shop up there. I mean the one with the big MOTORBIKE painting on the wall. That shop sell bikes but maybe it can help you to change your tyre. Just next to that shop in front of this bank. You try to ask.
Me ~ gee...i'll try.. Thanks Uncle.
Security Guard ~ Welcome.


Me ~ Hi. I need some help. My tyre punctured, can you help me to change the tyre?
Bike Shop's Owner ~ bad is it? Where is your car?
Me ~ Kinda really flat already..hee..Just in front of Maybank.
Bike Shop's Owner ~ Owh..sure.


Bike Shop's Owner ~ Ok. It's done.
Me ~ fast..
Zian ~ and easy..hee..
Bike Shop's Owner ~ It's easy, you girls should learn how to do it. Who know your tyre might puncture at a place that far from town. How?
Me & Zian ~ hee...ya right uncle..hehehe..
Zian ~ Btw, how much Uncle?
Bike Shop's Owner ~ RM8.
Zian ~ Here you go.
Bike Shop's Owner ~ Thanks. Next time, learn ok?
Me & Zian ~ hehehe..sure..


Never thought it was that so easy and fast. If we do that together will it be so easy?? I questioned myself..hohoho..If not, we could have save our RM8..huhuhu..

Lesson learnt...Learn to change a punctured tyre by your own because you will not always lucky. :-)
hehehehee....=P least she can do it by her own..haha

Hinder-Better than me lyrics

:: I told myself i won't miss you....but i remember what it feels like beside you....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You came into my life.
You caught my eyesight.
You made me fall for u.
You made me loved you.
You made me happy.
You promised me forever.
You made me as I’m the only one in this world..
You started to make me worried.
You started to tell lie.
You ignored my call & text.
You told me you were busy.
You told me you need time alone.
You made me worried.
You denied every single rumors.
You told me they were just jealous of us.
You told me don't ever feel insecure.
You said you’ll never leave…
You were lying.
Those rumors were for real.
The girl that you said just a FRIEND was your bitch.
You told me you love me but you could not leave her.
You said you can’t decide whom to choose.
You decided.
4 years relationship.
We ended up with just a phone call.
You called me and told me that you were letting me go.
You made my life turned upside down.
You killed me.
I made my mind clear.
I found my happiness in family &friends.
I don’t need your lies anymore.
I’m free to decide my own life.
I know that you are my past .
 Will always be.. 
My past..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

tattoo.. i love tattoo.. 
i'm too obsess to tattoo... ouch!!
a brief history of tattoos 
the word tattoo is said to has two major derivations- from
the polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something
and the tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’.

the history of tattoo began over 5000 years ago and is as
diverse as the people who wear them.

tattoos are created by inserting colored materials beneath
the skins surface. the first tattoos probably were created
by accident. someone had a small wound, and rubbed it
with a hand that was dirty with soot and ashes from the fire.
once the wound had healed, they saw that a mark stayed

despite the social sciences' growing fascination with tattooing,
and the immense popularity of tattoos themselves,
the practice has not left much of a historical record.

That's a lil brief about tattoo's history....

For is a unique body art that is AWESOME & SEXY. My passion for tattoo started when i first watched a tattoo-making programmed in tV. I bet you guys sure know this Miami Ink in Astro channel 707 right? yah..that programmed really influenced me into getting myself a tattoo. If i was not mistaken, i was sixteen years old when i first watched that show on telly. I really admire n envy those fellas who are really creative in designing tattoo and also expertise in drawing. Drawing on someone skin is not that easy as drawing on the paper.  yah, Chris Garver really is the guy! He's the tattoo master. I really love his design...It's really inspired me!

Miami Ink Casts...Chris Garver, Kat Von D, Ami James, Chris Nunez, Darren Brass & Yojiro Harada..( From left to right )

Let say, if i have the courage to have tattoo now.. which part of my body will i get it? hemm..kinda undecided..
I got my own reason on which part i wanna have my tattoo done.

I want my tattoo on my shoulder back..
Wanna know why? I think it's look SEXY..hehehe..
And i can cover it whenever i wanna hide it..i can use my hair, my shirt or even a shawl..hehehe..
When you wear bareback top o dress, and tie your hair up, everyone can see your tattoo and admiring it..** hehehe**
But what important is the design that you gonna have..
That is what matter most..

Design that i really wanted.. Actually there are many unique and creative designs that captured my heart.. Yah, especially those design in Miami ink & La ink.. The designs by Ami James and Chris Garver, even Kat Von D are really **SO DAMN AWESOME**.

For me, i want to have the design of an angel with a broken wings. Want to know why? 
To be specific, a dark young lady angel with broken wings that looks up to the bright sun that shinning upon her with the brightest shine ever..Her emotion/face shows that she believes that a saviour@new hope will always comes and save her from all the misery that she had..
This angel resembles myself because i used to feel down and hurt but i always believe that there is always a hope for me to stand tall and be as bright as the sun..
This tattoo really inspired me to be a motivated person and always remember that the past is to teach us that life is never that easy but it is never impossible to be on top of the world. 

I just hope one day i will have the COURAGE to do this..  Yah...just hope.. ;P

It is kinda like this but this got the cross and it is all over the backside..

I love this so much!!

This is really AWESOME...Love the cross and roses that crossing to each other..:)

It is kinda like this, kinda similar but this design the angel sitting on the moon with a sad emotion on her face. Mine is more the emotion of getting a new hope in life...and with a sun shinning bright upon her..

*** tattoo is an art that everyone should be mesmerize of***