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Friday, July 16, 2010

Jacq's tattoo...

oh damn it...he got a tattoo while i'm still clean..emm what i mean is my skin.. all started this evening, i buzz him just to tell him that i updated my blog d..then he started to make me jealous with his tattoo story..huh!! passion for tattoo become more and more days by days.. I just can't help myself anymore...oh damn it..when can i have mine...huishh!!

Okey, back to his tattoo. I just saw it this evening. Duhh...kinda hardly to believe but that's the truth. He just got himself a tattoo of St Micheal..argghhhhhh!!!

p/s ~~ I really envy Jacq's tattoo.
He told me he just got that tattoo last semester breaks..Is it?? ** amat ka wai..?? ** **baka bulak jak..huhu..jeles ku**

His tattoo is really ** words is not enough to describe it..
I just love it. N i wish to have one.
YM between Thia & Jacq..@ JAcQO..=P
He said ~ Aku bc tattoo..hehehe...** I got tattoo**
I said ~ Bulak ** Liar**
He said ~ True..
I said ~!! * jealous mode activated*
He said ~ I got a tattoo of St Micheal stepping proudly on Lucifer's head.
I said ~ wahh...nice2...huhuhu..i want too..
He said ~ you cannot get yourself a tattoo bcoz u are a teacher.
I said ~ if he is not a teacher too..
He said ~ hahahahaha...**laughing like an evil maniac..**
I said ~ huhuhuhuhu...still jealous and aiming to get one so soon..


SNEAK PEAKS on JACQ's tattoo.

**ngeso tattoo lah tek..**
I'm saying this coz i'm jealous..huhu

the St Micheal's tattoo..

I'm just it just an airbrush tattoo?? hehehe..please say it is..hahaa..coz i'm so jealous..

ha...tok bulak tok..hahaha..
hehehe..**the 1st step, draw it with a needle ball pen..then u continue it with a real sharp needle..till the end..**apa macam?? ada berani??**
dare too??

A lil sneak peaks on jacq's latest tattoo..
**i sound like a reporter who reports weather forecast..**

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