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Saturday, July 17, 2010

** Lazy Saturday..**

Me still in Pj..haha

** beep..beep..**
uhh...who could it be...**Yawning...** kinda dizzy..just awake from sleep**

One new message received..
" I d rch Miri Terminal now honey..After this change bus to Lawas..Love U.."
Sent :
07:46:37 am
Open my eyes widely just to make sure who's the sender..owhh...
**open eyes widely** boyfie..hehehe

Reply text :
Morning b...glad to hear u rch Miri safely..Love u too baby..

** rub my eyes for few times and open it wide**

My boyfie is on his way to Lawas d..hemm..gonna miss him..

Aaa...what should i do today hoh...i should think of a plan today..

**Thinking for a weekend plan while texting with my boyfie & rolling on my cosy lil bed**

hemm... first..
then i think of a plan..check Fb lok...kinda miss my Fb..**kdak lah nya dah lama x online..padahal baru semalam online**

Okey..what we got today...Fb is kinda likes my newspaper@gossip magazine. Yah..x perlu pergi beli surat khabar, Fb lebih cepat dari surat khabar apa....hahaha..likes what Mac always said, " apa susah2 mau bli newspaper, online saja itu Fb..suma ada..cepat lagi tuh..hahaha.."

8 notifications..


what should i do..

emm...eah...i think i should upload some pics lah...

** upload my pics while i go to the bathroom..**berus GG n cuci muka lo..**

kriuk..kriuk...dong..dong..dush..dush..**the sound of the unstoppable orchestra in my tummy since last night..**
What to eat ho...instant maggie mee?? hehehe..i like...
but...aiyo..i feel kinda lazy to cook's ok later...wait till i'm really hungry..hoho

Back to my room, the pics are all done...

Good...sudah upload, tunggu orang komen saja nih..hehehe..
Eh, buka you tube dulu. Want to watch the last episode for She Wolf..ehehe..awal2 tengok padahal di TV3 next Monday will be on air..At 9.30am then i do the house chores..
Looking at my alarm clock..
 12.00 p.m...dohhh...
omg...i haven't do a single house chores...
aiyo...i said i will do it at 9.30am, now is already past 12pm..huhuhu..
Satu kerja pun tidak buat..huhu..
Malas..malas...adohh..why am i so lazy..i woke up early but i'm still on the bed GULING-GULING...till now..

Lazy bum-bum..hahaha some blogging first then i go bath, sweep the place, do the laundry**kain baju dari hari tuh lagi**wash the dishes and then cook for lunch..heheheee
can ka? hehehe..
hahaha...gtg now..a lot of house chores to do..need to do it before 2p.m..
wanna go out for some groceries shopping...gula & dadah saya sudah habis..hehe..**don't get me wrong, it is not that drug@dadah..** it is only my peppermint ice-cream..hahaha..i'm addicted to's my drug..hohoho...

okeh..okeh..udah2 gik..dari td cakap mau stop..masih juga membebel cni..hoho..

ehh...what should i cook for lunch later?? ee...**lazy mode still on...** so i guess maggie mee with egg..nyum..nyum..hahaha...

ada gik me membebel here..hahaha..

Wanna see how i look like on a lazy Saturday??
Sneak Peak here..---------------------------->

Muka Pemalas!!

With my Hello Kitty Pink hair clip...hoho

**If my boyfie found out this..I'm DEAd..**


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