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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You came into my life.
You caught my eyesight.
You made me fall for u.
You made me loved you.
You made me happy.
You promised me forever.
You made me as I’m the only one in this world..
You started to make me worried.
You started to tell lie.
You ignored my call & text.
You told me you were busy.
You told me you need time alone.
You made me worried.
You denied every single rumors.
You told me they were just jealous of us.
You told me don't ever feel insecure.
You said you’ll never leave…
You were lying.
Those rumors were for real.
The girl that you said just a FRIEND was your bitch.
You told me you love me but you could not leave her.
You said you can’t decide whom to choose.
You decided.
4 years relationship.
We ended up with just a phone call.
You called me and told me that you were letting me go.
You made my life turned upside down.
You killed me.
I made my mind clear.
I found my happiness in family &friends.
I don’t need your lies anymore.
I’m free to decide my own life.
I know that you are my past .
 Will always be.. 
My past..

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