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Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Friday...

" beep beep" phone beeping....

Zian ~ Pok, company me to Maybank later...PLEASE!!
Me ~ Why all the sudden Pek? Mok rompak kah? hahaha..** Wanna rob the bank is it?? hahahaha..**
Zian ~ Ka ngiga baru kad atm ku.. ** Wanna make new atm's card. ** 
Me ~ Owhh..ok..later confirm..
Zian ~ Please...need to settle it before tomorrow..wanna withdraw money ASAP!!..
Me ~ Ok2...Lagi ku sms dik baru au..** Text you later ok.**
Zian ~ Please ahh..Ok...

Go or not to go..?
Go or not to go..?
Car..available o not?? ~ Yup o not..? ~ Not very sure.
Cash...?? ~ on diet budget..

At 10.30 a.m.. I decided to go.

Me ~ Pek, i finish class at 11.00 a.m, we go at 12p.m. Need to do some stuff first..
Zian ~ Okeh.. Pick me at 11.55a.m..
Me ~ Ok... :-)
One more thing, wanna go Satok meet up with someone after that, can?
Zian ~ Sapa Pok?? ** Who's that?? **
Me ~ Adalah...lak ko nangga.. ** Somebody..Wait and see..**
Zian ~ Ya..whatever..iskhh..iskhh..
Me ~ hohoho

***************************** phone rang..

Me ~ Hello.. aaa...
Zian ~ Pok..madah 12p.m.. ** You said at 12 p.m.** Now is already half past 12..
Me ~ hehehehe..Sorry Pek..Wait aa, just a second..I'll text you when i reach your place.
Zian ~ Ok...make it FAST!!


On our way to Maybank.

Zian ~ Hopefully they are less customer today. sigh..
Me ~ Yup..hopefully.


Inside Maybank.^_^

Zian ~ another two more peoples, then it's my turn.
Me ~ Owh..yalo..Eh, i go out for a while. i need some fresh so damn " BUSY "..** Busy make me dizzy..**
Zian ~ Okeh..

I popped out from the bank and....with my horror...i saw....FUCKKKK!!!!!


My..oh my...huhuhu

This is what happened..

Sial eah..**

I rushed back to Zian. 

Me ~ Pek, we got a problem..huhuhu...The punctured!! 
Zian ~ Pok...adohh..why it always happened when i'm with you...aiz...How arr??
Me ~ Emmm..IDK...huhuhu
Zian ~ Try to see around the blocks..look for a workshop. I still waiting for my turn now, u go first. i'll go right after i finish my business.
Me ~ Ok..Wish me luck..
Zian ~ GL Pok..

I rushed out and started my quest for the search of WORKSHOP..
** mission impossible song. **
ZERO..i'm so messed up.. Where can i find it. i'm not familiar with this town. huhuhuhuhu..
I walked back to the bank n told Zian that i cannot find any. Zian just finished her bank transaction. 
We both went out from Maybank and started to think what to do. It is impossible to drive the car to the other side of the block because the tyre was in a really bad punctured. 

Me ~ There is a spare tyre in the boot. 
Zian ~ Equipments?
Me ~ All there.. So, are we gonna do this?? ** Puzzled face mode**
Zian ~ Emm...

Both of us staring at each other's face. Under the hot blazing sun in the middle of the town..can we do this?
Can we change the tyre on our own? ** A big QUESTION MARK **

Zian ~ Pok..we have to
Me ~ I know how but..can we?? I mean..It really need the strength of a man to do that.
Zian ~ IDK.. huhuhuhu...Why this always happen to us when there is just U & ME???

I rushed back to Maybank and asked the guard. 

Me ~ Hi Uncle. I need some help. Can u show me where is the nearest workshop here?
I got a situation here, my tyre punctured. So i need help.
Security Guard ~ Owh..i see. The nearest workshop is a few blocks from here. If your tyre is in a bad puncture, i think it will be difficult for you.  Eemm..ahh...Why don't you ask the shop up there. I mean the one with the big MOTORBIKE painting on the wall. That shop sell bikes but maybe it can help you to change your tyre. Just next to that shop in front of this bank. You try to ask.
Me ~ gee...i'll try.. Thanks Uncle.
Security Guard ~ Welcome.


Me ~ Hi. I need some help. My tyre punctured, can you help me to change the tyre?
Bike Shop's Owner ~ bad is it? Where is your car?
Me ~ Kinda really flat already..hee..Just in front of Maybank.
Bike Shop's Owner ~ Owh..sure.


Bike Shop's Owner ~ Ok. It's done.
Me ~ fast..
Zian ~ and easy..hee..
Bike Shop's Owner ~ It's easy, you girls should learn how to do it. Who know your tyre might puncture at a place that far from town. How?
Me & Zian ~ hee...ya right uncle..hehehe..
Zian ~ Btw, how much Uncle?
Bike Shop's Owner ~ RM8.
Zian ~ Here you go.
Bike Shop's Owner ~ Thanks. Next time, learn ok?
Me & Zian ~ hehehe..sure..


Never thought it was that so easy and fast. If we do that together will it be so easy?? I questioned myself..hohoho..If not, we could have save our RM8..huhuhu..

Lesson learnt...Learn to change a punctured tyre by your own because you will not always lucky. :-)
hehehehee....=P least she can do it by her own..haha

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