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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


V-Day..another 14th February.. 
some may defined it a very special day..the day to celebrate LOVE. and some also defined it as just "ORDINARY" day... just an ordinary day..!

V-Day..this year it's fall on Monday..working day. unlike last year, it fall on the first day of Chinese New Year. 
Last year i celebrated Valentine n CNY at the same time at my ex's place. the last Valentine with him after 4 years romanced. It was fun. I gave him cakes and gift that day but in return i got was suck..but i'm fine with it. I think he owes me 5 or 6 gifts. Christmas, Birthday, Valentine and Anniversaries's gift. What can i said..i dated the wrong guy that i always think he is really in love with me for the past 4 years. Such a lame relationship. If he ever read this blog, well..U are who U are..xD

This year, i celebrated it all by myself.. my boyfriend was working on a night shift and even if he is not working, i still not able to meet him. ^^ *sigh* He is way too far away from me..He is in the other side of the country btw. Just a nice, simple and sweet text wished me Happy V-Day is enough to make me smile. I know he is busy working, being in the hotel industry mean time is Gold and no time to be playFOOL. 

14 February 2011...
Woke up in the morning, got ready for school and had my breakfast. I checked my phone and read some texts from my BBFs ( best babes forever @ best bitches forever ) wished me HAPPY V-DAY. Thank's babes!
The day goes well as usual. I don't feel it is a special day. 
Mum text me telling me to go home earlier today because grandpa is admitted again in SGH. Oh what a Valentine.
Visited my grandpa in room 28 and left at 8p.m. Mummy brought us ( me, Brenda & Audrey ) for a nice occasion of V-Day..that was what mum said in the car. Hooorayyy!
Along the way from SGH to BDC was full of LOVE. Many small stalls built along the roadside selling V-day gifts, flowers, chocolates n etc. Wish my boy is here, i would have buy him one of those cute teddy..haha...
Had the best V-Dinner with mum. Slurrpp!
I'm full and we all full...Thank's Mum!
That was great! 
So went home, had my shower, checked my e-mails and went to bed early.. And that was my V-Day.. awesome huh? Spent most of my times with my beloved family n students..:)

well...Happy V-Day everyone..God bless u all..:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Somebody just need to teach this Miss Grumpy how to SMILE!

Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.  ~Mother Teresa

the thing is...i got so annoyed by the family member one of the patient in this N....ward. 
Doctor ~ " Cik, ayah awak ni.." 
Miss Don't Speak B.M ~ " Can u speak English? I don't even understand B.M." 
Doctor ~ " Ow..Ok..the thing is...blah..blah..."
i just eavesdropped their conversation.** i know it was not a very good idea to do that but what can i do, the doctor spoke so loud till everyone can heard him..**

My mum is a ***** n my dad is a Bidayuh. i know, actually she is a Bidayuh..a BIDAYUH likes me. But i think she is ashamed to admit that she is a Bidayuh. Jerk. How comes a Malaysian, a Bidayuh, a Sarawakian, can't even understand a word in Bahasa Melayu. It is so annoyed to see this type of people when they are actually a Bidayuh, go to a regular school, learn BM and mixed around with all kinds of people.. how comes she can't even understand B.M.. The way she talked and looked at others, i know she is that " Miss I'm So Good, So Don't Talk To Me". She don't even smile or at least says THANK YOU to the nurses that helped her father. 
**Tulen-tulen muka Bidayuh, hitam gk ya, even she is a Eurasian..**True or False? Only God's know..**..
If she was fair and good looking ( good looking like those Mixed Blood kids ) i won't mind..**

Her eye's balls look likes it is going to drop-out of her eyes and her lips is always like those GRUMPY looking old woman. I think i gonna call her Miss Grumpy..that is much better. .if she don't wanna to mix around with us..( the other family members in the ward ) fine..but at least you smile and stop those ** OWL-EYES ** face. Sometimes i want to smile at you but it seems that i just shut my mouth and be silent. You might think i'm some kind of lunatic or fool that always smile in this sick-room. I know everyone here is sad and sick but a SMILE can help to cure you a lil bit..that is what i learnt from my teacher.I guess, someone should teach her how to smile or she is retarded enough to smile...

there was a time, she asked me to help her to look after the toilet door, while she went back to the room to take a new pair of clothes for her dad...( her dad was inside it and she don't want others to enter...and it was a coincidence that i was on the way to the toilet and she stopped me..) I said, Sure...The most amazing thing is...U SPOKE BM to said you don't even understand B.M but now you can speak means that you understand it..!! off she went back to her dad's room. So i waited outside the toilet and did as what she told me to do. She came back and i smiled at her. 
You know what she did? She just entered the toilet and locked it. AWFUL!!! She didn't even says Thank You or SMILE!! Madafaka! At least you smile back at me..I looked back at myself and feel so wasted.. It was so stupid of me to smile at this Miss Grumpy when i know she don't even know how to smile.. PALOI!! I agreed to wait for her to get the new pair for her sick daddy, while me..myself...hold myself from pee@shi-shi in my pant..
I really think she need to learn back those Moral Lesson in primary school. "Please & Thank You" and not forgetting " SMILE ".

I don't mind if she don't talk..or just mind her own stuff least she says THANK YOU and SMILE.
Really salute those nurses and doctor who talked and smiled with her everyday. wanna know why.. if it is me..i surely will pop out this question to her " Miss can you be polite a "littleeeee" bit and stop those GRUMPY looks of yours..."
I just hope Miss Grumpy won't be Grumpy if we happen to meet again.
.no offences..just a piece of my unhappy thought for you...hahaha..

the end...