the sewer system :P

about her..the girl by the name Thia..

~ Thia first cried was on the 26th of May 1989.. I don't know whether i cry or i smile that time..haha..**of coz every new born will cry..ngek..haha..**
~ She is the apple of Mr Anthony Abun Giheng & Mdm Sylvia Gabriel Jangko
~ She is a Bidayuh girl from Sarawak, the paradise of Borneo.
~ She is called Baby @ Acah by her family and relatives.
~ She is called Thia @ Ren @ even Loren by her friends.
~ She is the naughtiest among three princesses.
~ She loves to laugh and day-dreaming..
~ She is the eldest sister to Brenda Valarie Abun & Audrey Anabelle Abun.
~ She loves to eat, talk, eat, talk...& eat..till she got fatso..hahahaa
~ She is really into music, facebooking, movie, gadgets, blogs walking, magazine, jeans, short pants, flip-flops, sneakers, shoes, heels, tattoo, photographs & big handbags.
~ she loves to party, shopping and going places.
~ She really adore kids but when the kids started to behave like monkeys, she will get a lil bit VILLAIN..*wink2*
~ She is one of a kind. ** cheerful personalities, easy-going, loud type of girl.
~ She loves peppermints, coke, chocolate, ice cube, chillies, burger, pizza, milo & milk.
~ She is doing her study in Early Childhood Education @ major Preschool @ School Of  The Coolest Kiddos..LOL.. in IPGM Sarawak's Campus, Miri, Sarawak.
She never think of going to be a preschool teacher @ kindergarten teacher. It likes she just jumped into a big dark hole. LOL..but in the end, she is falling in love madly, truly, deeply with her profession.
~ She loves her family and friends a lot.
~ She always try her best to make everyone around her happy.
~ She loves her boyfriend Mac  so much.
~ She hopes for the best in her future and everyone she loves!!