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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm just a sucker for love.. =)

What u Waitn 4 Ft Colby O'Donis. ~~ Sexy Is My Name..=P

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boyfriend For Sale.. =) Part 3

Okay..let me tell you a lil bit about Terence @ Terence Danny. Terence is my bestie since we were in elementary school. emm..i guess i start with his physical appearances. He is handsome, tall and fair. His eye's ball is brown in color, he got the cutest smile that melts every girls hearts and he is well-known as the CASANOVA in college..ahakkss...Wanna know why i said this? *giggled* He is  the boy that every girl in college wanna date. Terence is damn-good in SWEET-TALK. He melts and breaks a lot of girls heart especially those beautiful chicks. He even have his own Fan Club in college. Hard to believe huh?? heee..but that's the fact that everyone have to accept. My best friend is a CASANOVA and POPULAR. We are totally the opposite. I'm just the typical girl next-door type that sometimes being mistaken as the NERD. **ouch**. Just because i spend more time with my school thingy and always holding books with me, doesn't mean i'm a NERD..or just because i never go on a date?? hemm.. naahh, just forget about that. Back to Terence, Terence never dated the same girl for more than 4 months. After 4 months, BYE-BYE sweetheart. ahakksss.. See, u get what i mean. Totally a PLAYER. But i don't give a damn on that. One thing that make him special to me is, he will always be by my side whenever i need help and he really cares about me. He never leave me whenever i got problem and he is the best BESTIE ever. Terence understand me more than a girl do.
Snap..Snap..Snap.." Mel..Mel..Mel..??!! Are you ok?. Emm, you seem distracted dear?" " Ouhh..i'm sorry John. I'm just thinking about my group's presentation. Sorry, won't happen again. " I lied to John. My first lie.
" It's ok dear. By the way, you look pretty today.". I can feel that i am so blushing. I smiled and thanked John.
" Shall we go Mel? "  " Sure, " i replied short and smiled. I grabbed my white tote and walked off the door with John.


" Thank's for today. I had a great time John. " " Well, i'm your boyfie, what's a boyfriend for if they don't make their girl happy and what important, i love you. " John replied. Ouchh...i'm blushing. Wait a second.. Did i heard he said LOVE?? aikk..Love who? Me? huhuhu...My heart jumping with joy..He said he love me. YAHOOOO!!
Emm..but i still have doubt. Do he really mean that or it's a part of his duty as my CASH&CARRY boyfriend?..humm..naaahhh..Who long as i'm happy..hehehe..
Today, i really had fun with John. He is the smartest and the sweetest guy that i ever dated beside my ex, Allan. We went for lunch at my favorite place, The Scott n after that we went to catch a movie. He seemed to know everything that i like. Is he a mind reader or something?? Emm.. ;P
At 4.30pm, we went for a walk at the beach. He bought us peppermint chocolate ice-creams and enjoyed it while walking at the beach. Strolled together along the beach and talked about each other is the best part of my date. *grinned* We even managed to watch the sunset. Emm..what a day. Then, John droved me home at 7.30pm. Before saying good bye...*Grinned Widely*..OMG...He kissed me. spontaneous and SWEET!!! I really didn't expect that he would kiss me. Even it just a kiss on my cheek but it was damn ROMANTIC..hehe..I smiled while walking to my door and waved him goodbye. 
" In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy. My head..lalala...~ Jason Derulo's In My Head" Suddenly, my phone ringing. Who could it be.. John? * wondering* 
I grabbed the phone on my desk and.....T E R E N C's not John. 
" Hello! Ya Terence?" " Mel!!! Where are you? I've been knocking on your door for more than half an hour. Are you in?? " Terence sound kinda pissed off. " Ouch..sorry Tere..I'm coming." I answered him and ran off to open the door. I opened the door and saw Terence with his sour face. Oppsie..I smiled and apologized to him. " It's ok Mel. Apology accepted " Terence said and smiled to me. " Emm, you don't have a date today? You usually have one every night. " I questioned him and he just grinned back at me. " Nop. today no date at all. I'm getting tired of this, feel wanna quit it soon. " I suddenly burst into laugh. Hahaha...I can't believe what he just told me. " Hei! what so funny Mel?? I'm serious. " " Hehehe...nothing. It's's not you at all. " I answered him back. " I'm hungry, wanna grab some midnight snack with me Mel? Please. Don't tell me you are on diet. Please darling?? " Terence persuaded me. His bright brown eyes showed me something different tonight, really different but i just don't know what it is. " Emm okay then..but your treat ya?? hehe.." I giggled.. " Yah, sure my lady. Anything for you. ". I locked the house and got into his mini cooper. " So where are we going Tere? McD? " " Emm..nop, i wanna go for local's. Let's go to Little China. I miss their sweet porkie noodle..hehehe.." Terence answered me with giggled. " Okie then. As you wish. ".  The sound of Kesha latest hit, Your Love Is My Drug start to echo as we start our  ride to Little China. 

####to be continue###

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boyfriend For Sale.. =) Part 2

John..John..Oh how i love to say that..hehe.. I smiled and giggled. I never been this so happy in my life. i never expected this would be happened to me. Oh SATURDAY..!! I spent the whole Saturday talking to him about everything. From his background to his interests. I think i'm falling in love..LOVE??? Wait a minute. You can't  say you are falling in love with a stranger, or should i said someone you just known for 20 HOURS ago????!!!!
I sighed. My heart keep on pumping fast. I know and i can feel that i am falling in love with him. i don't care what my mind said. This might be LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Yeahh..!! I will grab this opportunity and not gonna let it gone just like that. But i still have doubt. Do he like me? Love me? I need to know the answer for these questions. And i should aware that i BUY him. Ya..I bought him from TX-Match Maker. That's the name of the company where Miss Jenny works. So, surely he is been paid to love me. I don't want CASH & CARRY love. huhuhu. I want real love. This mean i have to forget about falling for him. Ok..Melody, please remember, Don't Fall For Him. =(
Its okay then, a boyfriend to company me is fine. I smiled and giggled again. Well, John. Let start our days together. I bet many girls will eat their heart out when they see us together. HAHAHA..i laughed as i said that.
I was about to sleep when my mobile phone crying out loud begged me to answer the incoming call. JOHN. That's the caller name. Ouchh...My heart began to beat fast, butterflies filled my tummy and my cheeks began to blush. " Hello Mel ", his sweet voice said to me as i answered it. " Hi John.." I said in a giggling tone, i just can't covered my nervousness. " So you are not in bed yet? Am i bothering you? I just call to say good night. " " Oh sure not John, not a problem at all. So sweet of you for calling me." ***** " Owh, okie John, good night and sweet dream too. ". I pressed the end button and jumped off to my bed with a big grinned on my face. J O H N..I started to miss you but i'm afraid i might fall for you..Eeeehhh..forget it. I closed my eyes and sailed to Lala land.with smile on my face. I crossed my heart n says tonight i will dream about you JOHN..p/s imy!
Oh gosh.. it's already 8.30 in the morning. huh..I hate waking up early. I walked up slowly and stopped by at the  mirror at the corner of my room and smiled. Yeah, that's my routine before i start my day. Then i took my towel and dashed off to the shower. 15 minutes later, i done with bathing, with just a towel wrapped all over my body, i walked to the kitchen and boiled up some hot water for my coffee. A cup of caffeine is a must for me. Caffeine help me to boost up my energy. While waiting for the water to boil, i got back to my room and looked at the mirror again. Ya, i love MIRROR. I smiled and started to dry up my wet hair with my hair dryer. Done with that, i put on my white Elle's tee and my favorite black skinny jean and combed my hair. As i was about to put on my contact lens, my phone ringing. Who could it be..? Usually my phone don't ringing at this hour. *JOHN*..oH!! I almost screamed. He's calling me and it is still 9 a.m. " Hello John. ", i answered with a cracked voice. I'm kinda nervous. I still can't get rid of this feeling. ***** I'm so happy. My air filled with happiness. He invited me for a date. YES!!! At last, a date. A date with JOHN.
It's been years i didn't go for a date with guys. Since broke up with my ex, i never go for a date. I don't know why no one ever bring me for a date after that broke-up. Well, forget about that, now i got a 'boyfriend' that gonna bring me for a date. =)
I stared at my reflection in the mirror and smile. Today, i will make it the best day ever. A date with John. I opened my closet and picked up my best outfits. A baby blue floral cotton frilled dress with a pair of black gladiator heels. Voila!! I applied some lip gloss and a lil bit of blusher on my cheeks.**** Knock..Knock.Knock.. I walked out of my room and opened the door. I'm sure it was him who's knocking on the door. " Come In, " i said as i'm opened the door. " Hi Baby!! " errrkkkkk.....wait a second. That is not John's voice. If it was not him then who could it be...?? I turned my face to face that voice. was my best friend, Terence. I sighed and showed my funny face at him. " What with that face babe? Miss me?? oOO...wait..where are you going with this kind of dressing?? Mind  to tell me huh?? ", Terence asked me while his eyes checking on me from head to toes. " I got a date. And can you come again later tonight?? He's might be on his way here." Terence showed me his unsatisfied face. I know he doubted on my answer and wanted to know more. Before he opened his mouth, a man appeared from behind the half closed door. Oh, No!! It's him. Ya, John. Terence turned back to face who was it. " Hi Mel. Oh, i see that you got company. I'm John. Melody's boyfriend." John introduced himself to Terence. Terence glanced at me and gave his hand to John for a handshake. " I'm Terence, Melody's best friend. Nice to meet you. I never know she got a boyfriend. " Terence glanced at me once more and rolled his eyes. " I got to go now, i just stopped by for a while, just to check on Mel. By the way, have a nice day..or should i say, have a nice 'DATE' the both of you. Ciao Mel.." Terence walked out the door and dashed off with his Black Mini Cooper. I was still in puzzled with what had happened to Terence. He seemed to be different after meeting John.

 ###to be continue###

Boyfriend For Sale.. =)

Do you ever see this sign? " BOYFRIEND FOR SALE "..

I wish this sign do really exist. In reality i mean. 

One day, as i was walking through the corridor of a shop lot, i passed-by a big RED sign by the road side. 
I slowed down my steps and read the sign carefully. I took off my glasses and blinked my eyes few times to make sure what was it all about. " B O Y F R I E N D F O R S A L E "...  I curled my lips and blinked for a few times.. Gosh.. Is this for real? A part of my mind said i'm dreaming n a part of it said it is true. I pinched my cheeks and bite my lips..OUCH!!! That's hurt. i know i'm still awake and it is FOR REAL!!! Yahhh..R E A L!!! I am so in DISBELIEVE. 
So i crossed by to get a better view of the signboard. " Interested please call these contacts : 878879/897823
Miss Jenny ". I copied the contacts numbers to my phone book and dashed off to my car. 
Should i or should not..should i or should not...hemm...*sigh*. This question keep on lingering in my mind since yesterday. That RED signboard really make me feel uneasy. I sat down on the sofa and started to browse through my phone book. I stop browsing when it reached MISS JENNY's name. I looked up and closed my eyes for a few seconds. Ok! That's it! I will make a call. I pressed on the CALL button and put the phone next to to my ear. tutttt tuttt tuttt tuttt...after a few minutes later, at last a voice answered it. " Hello, can i help you? Miss Jenny on the line. ". 
After the conversation with Miss Jenny, i felt so relived. At last there is no more " Should i or Should Not " lingering in my mind anymore. I smiled to myself. How could you..hahaha... A 23 years old young woman, still single and haven't been on a date since high school. I looked into the mirror and sigh. Am i too choosy or there is no one who dare to be my man?? sigh again. I stepped back and lied down on my bed. Closed my eyes and hope to get something great tomorrow.
Knock Knock Knock!!! Oo...what noise was that...uh huh..i opened my eyes and looked at my watch. It's just 8 a.m. N who could it be .knocking on my door on this Saturday morning. I walked to the door without checking myself on the mirror  and opened it. To my horror.. OMG!!! I slammed the door back and stood behind it gasping for air. Who was that..?? I never seen someone so.....* i just don't know how to describe this beautiful creature that i just saw * I smiled..could this be the ANGEL sent to me by God or just the newspaper boy that comes to collect the fees every month??.Knock..Knock..Knock..The door is being knock again, but this time  voice called out for my name. " Miss Melody, are you there? ". I puzzled. How he know my name? I don't even know him. I pulled down all my strength and opened the door. 
" Hi..I'm John.", he said and handed me over a bouquet of flower. I don't even smile or show any reaction on my face. I'm just so puzzled. How on earth, a handsome, charming, tall and  'OH...SO CUTE ' young man can be in front of me and handed me a bouquet of flower on this Saturday morning. * gee...hehehe *
Then i started to remember something. this for real? I cannot believe it. My heart started to jump happily when i remember my conversation with Miss Jenny the other day. YESS!!! It is worthy to try i said to myself. **SNAP SNAP SNAP**  " Miss Melody?? Are you okay?? " I gasped and smile. " Ya, i'm OK..By the way, how you know my name and why are you here?? " " You asked for me and here i am for you ".
O...YIPEEE!!! hehehee..i giggled and smiled at him. But wait a minute..Is this for real? He could be a CON-MAN that just want to con me. So i dialed Miss Jenny and ask her. " Hello Melody, so how? Did u like John? How is he? He is just like what you told me the other day, btw, the payment you can submit it to the company's account number that i gave you by today or tomorrow. I hope you be happy with him and ENJOY, " **End of conversation**
I still in disbelieve. Lately everything so MAGIC! hehehe.. I invited him in and rushed back to my bedroom. I looked into the mirror. OMG! My hair..n my face..!! There are in a MESS! haiyakk.. I got back to John and told him to make himself at home and had my shower. 
At last, i feel FRESH!! I put on my blue blouse and white skirt and had my hair pony. I applied my lip gloss and a blush of blusher to make me look more FRESH and not to forget my DKNY Delicious Perfume.I walked to the living room with my heart pumping. hehehe...I just can't stop smiling and giggling. There he was sitting on the sofa and reading my Cleo's magazine. Owhh.he is such a creature. So cute till i feel wanna bite his red lips. ** naughty thought**. He looked up and stared at me. Ooppsiee...
" Hi." He said. " Oh Hi, " i replied back. I sat down and gather my thoughts. His eyes just can't stop starring at me. His bright brown eyes really make me wanna faint. " My name is John  and i'm 23 years old.".. N the conversation begin.
John is so sweet. He got the eyes of an angel. His fair skin seem to glow under the sun and his red lips looks so juicy..hehehe.. John really good in making jokes. He is the type that every girl want to have. I bet every girl in college will envy me when they find out about this.. I never being this happy after broke up with my ex few years ago. A new chapter has begin... :)
** End of part 1 **