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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boyfriend For Sale.. =)

Do you ever see this sign? " BOYFRIEND FOR SALE "..

I wish this sign do really exist. In reality i mean. 

One day, as i was walking through the corridor of a shop lot, i passed-by a big RED sign by the road side. 
I slowed down my steps and read the sign carefully. I took off my glasses and blinked my eyes few times to make sure what was it all about. " B O Y F R I E N D F O R S A L E "...  I curled my lips and blinked for a few times.. Gosh.. Is this for real? A part of my mind said i'm dreaming n a part of it said it is true. I pinched my cheeks and bite my lips..OUCH!!! That's hurt. i know i'm still awake and it is FOR REAL!!! Yahhh..R E A L!!! I am so in DISBELIEVE. 
So i crossed by to get a better view of the signboard. " Interested please call these contacts : 878879/897823
Miss Jenny ". I copied the contacts numbers to my phone book and dashed off to my car. 
Should i or should not..should i or should not...hemm...*sigh*. This question keep on lingering in my mind since yesterday. That RED signboard really make me feel uneasy. I sat down on the sofa and started to browse through my phone book. I stop browsing when it reached MISS JENNY's name. I looked up and closed my eyes for a few seconds. Ok! That's it! I will make a call. I pressed on the CALL button and put the phone next to to my ear. tutttt tuttt tuttt tuttt...after a few minutes later, at last a voice answered it. " Hello, can i help you? Miss Jenny on the line. ". 
After the conversation with Miss Jenny, i felt so relived. At last there is no more " Should i or Should Not " lingering in my mind anymore. I smiled to myself. How could you..hahaha... A 23 years old young woman, still single and haven't been on a date since high school. I looked into the mirror and sigh. Am i too choosy or there is no one who dare to be my man?? sigh again. I stepped back and lied down on my bed. Closed my eyes and hope to get something great tomorrow.
Knock Knock Knock!!! Oo...what noise was that...uh huh..i opened my eyes and looked at my watch. It's just 8 a.m. N who could it be .knocking on my door on this Saturday morning. I walked to the door without checking myself on the mirror  and opened it. To my horror.. OMG!!! I slammed the door back and stood behind it gasping for air. Who was that..?? I never seen someone so.....* i just don't know how to describe this beautiful creature that i just saw * I smiled..could this be the ANGEL sent to me by God or just the newspaper boy that comes to collect the fees every month??.Knock..Knock..Knock..The door is being knock again, but this time  voice called out for my name. " Miss Melody, are you there? ". I puzzled. How he know my name? I don't even know him. I pulled down all my strength and opened the door. 
" Hi..I'm John.", he said and handed me over a bouquet of flower. I don't even smile or show any reaction on my face. I'm just so puzzled. How on earth, a handsome, charming, tall and  'OH...SO CUTE ' young man can be in front of me and handed me a bouquet of flower on this Saturday morning. * gee...hehehe *
Then i started to remember something. this for real? I cannot believe it. My heart started to jump happily when i remember my conversation with Miss Jenny the other day. YESS!!! It is worthy to try i said to myself. **SNAP SNAP SNAP**  " Miss Melody?? Are you okay?? " I gasped and smile. " Ya, i'm OK..By the way, how you know my name and why are you here?? " " You asked for me and here i am for you ".
O...YIPEEE!!! hehehee..i giggled and smiled at him. But wait a minute..Is this for real? He could be a CON-MAN that just want to con me. So i dialed Miss Jenny and ask her. " Hello Melody, so how? Did u like John? How is he? He is just like what you told me the other day, btw, the payment you can submit it to the company's account number that i gave you by today or tomorrow. I hope you be happy with him and ENJOY, " **End of conversation**
I still in disbelieve. Lately everything so MAGIC! hehehe.. I invited him in and rushed back to my bedroom. I looked into the mirror. OMG! My hair..n my face..!! There are in a MESS! haiyakk.. I got back to John and told him to make himself at home and had my shower. 
At last, i feel FRESH!! I put on my blue blouse and white skirt and had my hair pony. I applied my lip gloss and a blush of blusher to make me look more FRESH and not to forget my DKNY Delicious Perfume.I walked to the living room with my heart pumping. hehehe...I just can't stop smiling and giggling. There he was sitting on the sofa and reading my Cleo's magazine. Owhh.he is such a creature. So cute till i feel wanna bite his red lips. ** naughty thought**. He looked up and stared at me. Ooppsiee...
" Hi." He said. " Oh Hi, " i replied back. I sat down and gather my thoughts. His eyes just can't stop starring at me. His bright brown eyes really make me wanna faint. " My name is John  and i'm 23 years old.".. N the conversation begin.
John is so sweet. He got the eyes of an angel. His fair skin seem to glow under the sun and his red lips looks so juicy..hehehe.. John really good in making jokes. He is the type that every girl want to have. I bet every girl in college will envy me when they find out about this.. I never being this happy after broke up with my ex few years ago. A new chapter has begin... :)
** End of part 1 **

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