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Monday, March 22, 2010

some part is never can be erase from here..

how can i forget him..

i just cant forget him. in every single day in my life, i never forget thinking of him not even a second. i always remember every inch of him in me.
forgetting u is the hardest part in my life because i never want to forget u. u love me but then u hurt me. i never thought that it will end like this. i just wish i still can hear ur voice, c ur cute face, look ito ur eyes and touch ur skin liked we used to do..sigh..
even when i'm happy, i just cant forget will always there lingering in my mind...i told myself to stay the way out of this and forget u..but i just can't.. just want u to know..
u make me so broken till i cant open my heart for a new love..i just have to be independent now..without u by my side..without u walk beside, i really wanna c u..but i don't have the guts to text u..i'm afraid of rejection from u..hemm...i just hope u happy right now...i'm always happy for u..i love u baby..

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