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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thought you always be mine..

how should i start this...ok..take a deep breath..hemmmmm...
i was someone girlfriend before this..and we been couple for the past 4 years plus..and after valentine 2010..we end up our relationship. it was the moment that i never want to recap again. it cuts me so deep till i can't even breath and feel the earth that i'm walking on...i just don't know what to do. he is my only love. he showed me the meaning of relationship. so, i tell myself to stay calm and think at the bright side. i don't wanna be the girl that i used to be before.. the girl that cry and cry when thing got upside down. i just said my prayer and hope that i can face this matter with all the strength that i have.

he is the first in my life. my only one. my only love. i really can't accept the decision that he made but what can i do. i just have to accept it with my willing heart. i'm weak but i know i have to stand strong to deal with it. i don't want to lose him..i don't want to let him slip away..i just love him. he is my love..and i really love him till death. since the day we end our relationship and become friend like we used to be before couple, i just make myself deaf and numb..deaf and numb so i can't hear a single thing or feel all the pain that i'm having. i try to play it cool and find my happiness. but i failed. his image, his warm touch, his lips, his cold hand, his sweet voice, his bright eyes and his cute face keep lingering in my mind till this moment. i just can't forget everything about him. he is so vulnerable n special. i love him a lot. i miss every moments that we shared for the whole 4 years. how i wish i never know him. if we never meet, we will never be like this and i will never get hurt like this. even though we are still friend, still going out together but it will never be the same.i can't touch him, i can't kiss his lips, i can't hugs him and i can't say I LOVE U to him anymore. ya, it's true that i can't live without him. he is my baby. i feel so hurt when he told me that we have to end up this relationship without nothing going wrong in our relationship. i fake a smile so he won't see that i'm sad. he is my everything that i have to live without. i can't even see anyone when he is with me. i wonder if he know all i think about now is him. there he goes so perfectly, leaving me behind alone with this bleeding heart. but i will always love him. infinity..eternity..i love you so much honeybaby..i hope you will always happy, healthy and find your true love. I guess i'm ready to let you leave but i will always love you.

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