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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boyfriend For Sale.. =) Part 3

Okay..let me tell you a lil bit about Terence @ Terence Danny. Terence is my bestie since we were in elementary school. emm..i guess i start with his physical appearances. He is handsome, tall and fair. His eye's ball is brown in color, he got the cutest smile that melts every girls hearts and he is well-known as the CASANOVA in college..ahakkss...Wanna know why i said this? *giggled* He is  the boy that every girl in college wanna date. Terence is damn-good in SWEET-TALK. He melts and breaks a lot of girls heart especially those beautiful chicks. He even have his own Fan Club in college. Hard to believe huh?? heee..but that's the fact that everyone have to accept. My best friend is a CASANOVA and POPULAR. We are totally the opposite. I'm just the typical girl next-door type that sometimes being mistaken as the NERD. **ouch**. Just because i spend more time with my school thingy and always holding books with me, doesn't mean i'm a NERD..or just because i never go on a date?? hemm.. naahh, just forget about that. Back to Terence, Terence never dated the same girl for more than 4 months. After 4 months, BYE-BYE sweetheart. ahakksss.. See, u get what i mean. Totally a PLAYER. But i don't give a damn on that. One thing that make him special to me is, he will always be by my side whenever i need help and he really cares about me. He never leave me whenever i got problem and he is the best BESTIE ever. Terence understand me more than a girl do.
Snap..Snap..Snap.." Mel..Mel..Mel..??!! Are you ok?. Emm, you seem distracted dear?" " Ouhh..i'm sorry John. I'm just thinking about my group's presentation. Sorry, won't happen again. " I lied to John. My first lie.
" It's ok dear. By the way, you look pretty today.". I can feel that i am so blushing. I smiled and thanked John.
" Shall we go Mel? "  " Sure, " i replied short and smiled. I grabbed my white tote and walked off the door with John.


" Thank's for today. I had a great time John. " " Well, i'm your boyfie, what's a boyfriend for if they don't make their girl happy and what important, i love you. " John replied. Ouchh...i'm blushing. Wait a second.. Did i heard he said LOVE?? aikk..Love who? Me? huhuhu...My heart jumping with joy..He said he love me. YAHOOOO!!
Emm..but i still have doubt. Do he really mean that or it's a part of his duty as my CASH&CARRY boyfriend?..humm..naaahhh..Who long as i'm happy..hehehe..
Today, i really had fun with John. He is the smartest and the sweetest guy that i ever dated beside my ex, Allan. We went for lunch at my favorite place, The Scott n after that we went to catch a movie. He seemed to know everything that i like. Is he a mind reader or something?? Emm.. ;P
At 4.30pm, we went for a walk at the beach. He bought us peppermint chocolate ice-creams and enjoyed it while walking at the beach. Strolled together along the beach and talked about each other is the best part of my date. *grinned* We even managed to watch the sunset. Emm..what a day. Then, John droved me home at 7.30pm. Before saying good bye...*Grinned Widely*..OMG...He kissed me. spontaneous and SWEET!!! I really didn't expect that he would kiss me. Even it just a kiss on my cheek but it was damn ROMANTIC..hehe..I smiled while walking to my door and waved him goodbye. 
" In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy. My head..lalala...~ Jason Derulo's In My Head" Suddenly, my phone ringing. Who could it be.. John? * wondering* 
I grabbed the phone on my desk and.....T E R E N C's not John. 
" Hello! Ya Terence?" " Mel!!! Where are you? I've been knocking on your door for more than half an hour. Are you in?? " Terence sound kinda pissed off. " Ouch..sorry Tere..I'm coming." I answered him and ran off to open the door. I opened the door and saw Terence with his sour face. Oppsie..I smiled and apologized to him. " It's ok Mel. Apology accepted " Terence said and smiled to me. " Emm, you don't have a date today? You usually have one every night. " I questioned him and he just grinned back at me. " Nop. today no date at all. I'm getting tired of this, feel wanna quit it soon. " I suddenly burst into laugh. Hahaha...I can't believe what he just told me. " Hei! what so funny Mel?? I'm serious. " " Hehehe...nothing. It's's not you at all. " I answered him back. " I'm hungry, wanna grab some midnight snack with me Mel? Please. Don't tell me you are on diet. Please darling?? " Terence persuaded me. His bright brown eyes showed me something different tonight, really different but i just don't know what it is. " Emm okay then..but your treat ya?? hehe.." I giggled.. " Yah, sure my lady. Anything for you. ". I locked the house and got into his mini cooper. " So where are we going Tere? McD? " " Emm..nop, i wanna go for local's. Let's go to Little China. I miss their sweet porkie noodle..hehehe.." Terence answered me with giggled. " Okie then. As you wish. ".  The sound of Kesha latest hit, Your Love Is My Drug start to echo as we start our  ride to Little China. 

####to be continue###

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