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Saturday, July 24, 2010


*** it is important to think before you speak because it might hurt others forever ***

underdog? what does it mean? 

underdog is those who always lose or predicted to lose in a game, competition, life-line, career n etc..
**or it's common name...a LOSER.**

being the underdog is never that easy.
it is because others will always look down at you and never respect you even how hard you will always feel left out by others..

underdog is always treated like fool.
just because they always lose does not mean that they don't a heart.

underdog are human being.
human being that we should show respect equally like others..

making fun of them is not the right way.
this will make their self esteem slopping downwards.

when you lose your confident, your mind will eventually thinking of The Negative.
this negative thinking such as commit suicide, grounded yourself, or even run away from your social life..

some might mockery you or even called you out with those stupid names..
some might play pranks on you or some might just ditch you from the peers.

it is hurt when those guys hate you or making fun of you for the things that you never wanted.

how does it feel when you being mocks every single days in your life..
sure it is SUCK till you don't wanna live anymore.
that is why i wrote down this blog just to tell others that being an underdog is not what they wanted. 
we should give them courage and support.
everyone deserve a second chance to prove themselves.
those who never wanted to give chance or take on opportunity..mean that they are the one who LOSE..
just take note that we are SPECIAL in EVERY DIFFERENT WAYS..

no one want to be born as a UNDERDOG..
it's us who made them..
so make a different by stop look down on those underdog.

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