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Thursday, July 1, 2010

tattoo.. i love tattoo.. 
i'm too obsess to tattoo... ouch!!
a brief history of tattoos 
the word tattoo is said to has two major derivations- from
the polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something
and the tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’.

the history of tattoo began over 5000 years ago and is as
diverse as the people who wear them.

tattoos are created by inserting colored materials beneath
the skins surface. the first tattoos probably were created
by accident. someone had a small wound, and rubbed it
with a hand that was dirty with soot and ashes from the fire.
once the wound had healed, they saw that a mark stayed

despite the social sciences' growing fascination with tattooing,
and the immense popularity of tattoos themselves,
the practice has not left much of a historical record.

That's a lil brief about tattoo's history....

For is a unique body art that is AWESOME & SEXY. My passion for tattoo started when i first watched a tattoo-making programmed in tV. I bet you guys sure know this Miami Ink in Astro channel 707 right? yah..that programmed really influenced me into getting myself a tattoo. If i was not mistaken, i was sixteen years old when i first watched that show on telly. I really admire n envy those fellas who are really creative in designing tattoo and also expertise in drawing. Drawing on someone skin is not that easy as drawing on the paper.  yah, Chris Garver really is the guy! He's the tattoo master. I really love his design...It's really inspired me!

Miami Ink Casts...Chris Garver, Kat Von D, Ami James, Chris Nunez, Darren Brass & Yojiro Harada..( From left to right )

Let say, if i have the courage to have tattoo now.. which part of my body will i get it? hemm..kinda undecided..
I got my own reason on which part i wanna have my tattoo done.

I want my tattoo on my shoulder back..
Wanna know why? I think it's look SEXY..hehehe..
And i can cover it whenever i wanna hide it..i can use my hair, my shirt or even a shawl..hehehe..
When you wear bareback top o dress, and tie your hair up, everyone can see your tattoo and admiring it..** hehehe**
But what important is the design that you gonna have..
That is what matter most..

Design that i really wanted.. Actually there are many unique and creative designs that captured my heart.. Yah, especially those design in Miami ink & La ink.. The designs by Ami James and Chris Garver, even Kat Von D are really **SO DAMN AWESOME**.

For me, i want to have the design of an angel with a broken wings. Want to know why? 
To be specific, a dark young lady angel with broken wings that looks up to the bright sun that shinning upon her with the brightest shine ever..Her emotion/face shows that she believes that a saviour@new hope will always comes and save her from all the misery that she had..
This angel resembles myself because i used to feel down and hurt but i always believe that there is always a hope for me to stand tall and be as bright as the sun..
This tattoo really inspired me to be a motivated person and always remember that the past is to teach us that life is never that easy but it is never impossible to be on top of the world. 

I just hope one day i will have the COURAGE to do this..  Yah...just hope.. ;P

It is kinda like this but this got the cross and it is all over the backside..

I love this so much!!

This is really AWESOME...Love the cross and roses that crossing to each other..:)

It is kinda like this, kinda similar but this design the angel sitting on the moon with a sad emotion on her face. Mine is more the emotion of getting a new hope in life...and with a sun shinning bright upon her..

*** tattoo is an art that everyone should be mesmerize of***

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