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Friday, December 4, 2009

I hate this feeling...

You feeling down? You feel that you are alone? You feel sad? Everyone that you met in your daily life do get upset or feeling down once in a while or pretty often. Most of the teenagers go through sad period once a month or very often.

Sadness is a feeling that everyone get through. It is one of the normal human emotions or moods.It is the emotion that happen when we lost something important, being disappointed, left behind, or when something sad had happened to them. People often get sad when they feeling lonely.

The world seem to be dark, lonely and cruel when you feeling sad. You feel that you have nothing to move forward. This emotion may crush your normal good mood and make you feel sad and sometimes angry. It happened all the times to me.
Sadness made you feel want to cry and being alone. You might want to be all alone during that period. You also might want someone to comfort you and make you feel better. It feel that a heavy things is being lift up from your shoulders when someone comfort you. A company is important when you get through a sad period. We usually talk about what has made us feel sad and this will help to ease your sadness away.

Feeling sad once a while is natural in our life. Feeling sad all the times will somehow effect your daily course. There a lot of reason why this sadness can effect our life without us knowing it. It can totally changed our personality from someone cheerful into someone grumpy and sensitive.
Feeling sad is not normal when it effect your daily life. It is hard to enjoy good things in your life when you feel sad. This will lead to depression in our life.

The sign of depression.

~ feeling numb
~ guilty or worthless
~ feeling hopeless ( like there is nothing to look forward )
~ thinking and talking about death or commit suicide
~ crying a lot without reason
~ feeling lonely or unloved
~ having troubled to mix up with peers and get irritable all the times
~having trouble to focus on your daily course
~ eat less and sleep more
~ talking alone
~ love being in a quiet and alone.
~ headache and sometimes stomachache or chest pain ( ** kinda sound funny with the stomachache right but it's true. )

It is very important for us who have depression to get help.
Depression can leads to death. Whether commit suicide or fatal accident.
When they do, they will recover so soon.

If you think you have depression or you just have 
sadness that simply will not go away, it is important 
to talk to an adult about it: a parent, relative, 
doctor, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or close 
adult friend. This person can help you find the right 
type of treatment. Many cities also have mental 
health hotlines or suicide hotlines that are listed in 
the phone book. There is always somebody to talk 
to when you are sad or if you are depressed — ** 
Somebody who can help.

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