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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heal yourself...For girls...

Breaking up is not easy. Especially if you have to stop seeing someone who you really like and care about. Losing a love one inevitably breaks one's heart and learning how to heal that broken heart is very important to our emotional health and to our ability to return to enjoying dating life promptly.
We often have no choice but never see each other again, and therefore it’s worth knowing how to get over those break ups and continue moving forward with our lives with the right mindset.
1. Please avoid yourself from putting on hope that you and your partner will be back again. If you want to forget him, just please don't hope for that such thing.. This only will make you more and more pathetic and become sad. Just remember that he dumped you because he is a jerk. So it is not worthy for you to go for him again.
2. Try not to be the " TYPICAL GIRL ".. Typical girl usually thinking of their ex-boyfriend the whole time after broke up. This only can cause you become more emotional and sad. So just try not to think about him. Make yourself busy by doing your work in the office, hang out with your friends, go for spa treatment ( pampering yourself ) or go for sport/game such as tennis and bowling. ** You surely miss him and can't stop thinking of him but that is only for a few weeks only. Then you surely start to forget him.
3. Don't bug him after broke up. This will make him feel that you are such a lame girl. Don't drop your dignity just because of him. Try not to text or call him for a while. Give him time to miss you. Let time pass for a while. Guys will miss the girl that they ever loved. You have to give him time to miss you.
4 . It is time to learn to forgive and forget. Forgive him with all your heart even you know he once hurt you emotionally. Forgive all his fault and how hurt it is when he left you. But you must forgive yourself too. Don't blame yourself for all the BREAK UP thing..It is fated by God.. so you have to accept it. Forget all the memories that you once had. Well, maybe you can keep some of it but please forget the memories that might make you feel sad again. You surely don't want to feel bad and sad anymore. Just try to forgive and forget. Remember, no grudge among each other. Remain friend is what you should be.

Breaking up is not an easy process. But it is actually a process that make you matured without you realised it. I know it is hard to get through break up. But try not to be a typical girl. Try to make your self stand and voice out all your feeling without feeling sad. Remember, you are a WINNER and he is a LOSER..

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