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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can i curse him to death?

can't sleep...sigh...
deep down my heart is full of anger...deep down i wanna curse him...but hell yeah..i's not a good thing to do...
how can i deal with this? feel wanna go n slash his fresh meat with a sharp samurai...
i wish i can! this wound is bleeding again!
traumatic! i feel wanna rip my heart out n feeling heartless all the time..

i'm no God...n God would never do such thing likes i wish to do.. i just can pray to god n help me to get through this... stop my my tears from dropping out again n again..every single day hoping for your text..just a text is enough to make me smile...even just to say..YAYA PIGGY! damn..i hate myself..falling for someone who is not mine...every day i pray to Him to help me so that i won't be this hurt... me the way to move on n be likes before..
every night..i feel like i'm an astronaut..sending SOS from this lonely planet n hoping to come down to meet the other earthling..rather than being all alone in this dusty planet..

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