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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

having a feeling towards both sexes is kinda -_-! 
out of 10 peoples..there is 1 or 2 who are &*&*..
finally..i come clean. all this while i never blog about my real attraction. I'm scare they might judge me. This is the reason why i broke up with Mac..i don't have feeling for him anymore coz he asked me to choose...being straight or being this. I chosed to stay. I know it was a tough decision but i knew i have to be true to my own feeling. I know i broke your heart Mac. N i realized how much you loved me. be clear.. i am a bisexual. I am attracted to both sexes. 
seriously..i do like n ever fall for a girl. a girl that really blew me over. she got the best pairs of brown eyes..a cherry-red lips..the cutest round face ever n she got the body that every girl kill for! well..i'll kill anyone just to have that body..don't get me's not that i wanna shag her..i just want a body likes her..that's all. 
well..i did fall in love with her secretly..but i never tell anyone about this except for my own bffs. but they understand me, they just gave me those blur faces n OK..we're done. we're does not mean that our friendship is means that they have to swallow this awful truth. 
i did kissed a girl..if u guys wonder.. yes..i did.. i kissed a girl. i thought i was gonna lose my head off but just as same as how i kiss my bf! lets just skipped this..well it's just a kiss!
till now..i still attracted to girl.. i used to mesmerize their beauty n their gracefulness. i know..i'm not one of them..that's why i adore these qualities. n seriously..i wanna protect them from all those merciless n heartless blocks! 
hell yeah...i never know what is happening to me right now...but seriously..every time i feel so heartbroken or having a bad day with guy, the more i'm into my lesbi side. i guess my other half helps me to go through all the HELL that guys gave to me. i wanna feel loved n love someone but i usually failed. My other half just told me to be wise n strong. even i failed many times but there is always sunshine after rained. it helps me to forget all the things that guys ever did to me. make me more appreciated n loves myself more. its not normal but i'm happy to have this other side of me. it helps me to be strong.

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