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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preparing myself for a heartbreak..

prepare yourself for a heartbreak? seriously?? Likes no one ever do this i guess.. tehee...i am doing this..
i gonna end so soon..maybe tomorrow or maybe tonight..or maybe next week.. i just have to prepare myself for this. great.. be honest..i am not well-prepared..seriously...i'm still hoping but hell yeah..i'm sick of hoping..n i know i got to be back instantly..back to reality!
trying to stay calm..positive..happy n try to get it all in my own control! to be in control actually!
yes..i know..with God's willing n determination..i'm sure..i gonna go through this with arms wide open..
eemm...maybe i'll be crying but not for long i guess coz i've been crying for the past few weeks..n i realized this relationship is not going anywhere..coz u got her..thank you for every single things that u h=gave me..all the moments we had are the best n always gonna be the sweetest memoirs ever.
promise myself to be strong, stay calm n be optimistic! tehheeeee! :)
I am prepare even i'm not 100%!

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