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Thursday, April 19, 2012

a day of recovery..:)

i just don't know whether i should stop or just keep playing games with him? well...i admitted that we had a great day today with him. Picked him up from the airport n straight went for my medical checked-up..then we spent our whole evening together...talking about everything. oh my! he made me fall deeply for him. sometimes i just wonder whether he still want me or whether he wanna get rid of our relationship...seriously..when i looked into his eyes..when we kissed..i still can feel the passionated n his love.. oh god..just show me the right way...
the whole night i prayed n prepared myself for a break-up..but Thanks God..i am feeling so happy today. If he is meant for me...God just show me the right way.if he is not..then please makes me be strong for it!
Seriously piggy..i fall in love with u again today..n the exact moment when u hold my hands tight n kissed me..!

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