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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being loved by someone you love is a bless but being in love with someone who don’t love you back is pathetic.
Where can I run n hide? Where can I go?
Can you love me? Can I be yours?
How pathetic is that..To ask someone that u love to love u back.
A cruel world to me..sometimes I blame myself for falling in love.. I should have been more heartless. Likes what Ian’s told me. Harden your heart as hard as the rock.. is easy to be said but not to be done. Especially when u were in a relationship for the past 5 years. The feeling of needing and wanted to be love is always there with me.
They say u can’t break heart that are already broken..wrong…you can..the broken pieces will turn to ashes n dusts..
This thing is really stress me out. I told myself that I won’t miss you but I remember what it’s feel right beside you.
Maybe this is the price that I got for all the sins that I’ve made before. I really need courage n strength to get through all the tests that u have given up to me. I try not to cry but how long could i stand?
I gonna live my life no matter what happen..even when I really want stop hoping..stop trying.. No matter how hard I hard I hard I never that easy to me. God just send me your blessing n help me to be strong. Help me in my mission to have a better life. I know that everything happened for reason. I accept it if he is not meant for me even I really wish that I could be with him.
God bless him for who he is. He will always be my piggy. I will always remember all the good things n happy moments that we had.

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