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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i never cry since i broke up with Govin...i never cry this hard..tears this much...since he left me..but now..another guy have made me falls into breaks heart is crying...n i can't stop it anymore... u came into my life... u gave me the light that i've been looking are taking it back slowly...i should not fall for you at the first place..i know ur love for her is so strong..u n her...been together for years...n me..? i'm just a girl who passed by in your life..
i guess..i have to deal with this myself...all alone...
u left a big hole in me..the hole that made me drowning for your love...:'(
i fake a smile so no one will know how hurt i am..i just want you to know..i love you with all my heart even you're just my temporary boyfriend..Kevin..i love you..;"(

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