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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jealous?? WTF!! U r not mine..but it's true i'm jealous...

hemm..can i tell u a secret? i'm in love with someone that i shouldn't fall with.

hemm..he is so cute till i can't forget his smile. he is so charming till i can't forget his face. 
hemm.. he is actually out my TYPE-Of-GUY..but i feel that he is special in every way he is..he is not skinny liked all the guys that i used to date..( all skinny and tall )..he's tall but not skinny n not fatso ah..he is just cute...i love him but i know he just think of me as his friend.hemm..i'm so jealous when i saw him kissed another girl in the club that day..hemm...but what can i do..he is not mine..and i can stop them..that girl is way too hot than me..i'm just nothing compare to that i just told myself...he's never be mine..he will always be 
JUST FRIEND!! hard to tel this to yourself but this is the truth that u should face...haiz..jealous..jealous..jealous...huhuhu..he stole my heart and he left it half way...hemmm..just wish can turn back time. Thought he is not the FnF type but i think i'm might wrong.. he also that FnF type..i guess...Flirt n Forget...Boy, u shouldn't do that Flirting-Job...u are just making me falling in love u and giving me false hopes.. Now, i just have to learn to F&F u..Forgive & Forget u...hemm...

remember girls...FnF is not for Friend and Family in Boy's Vocabulary.. It means Flirt@Fuck and Forget..

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