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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being Single?? How it is like...heeeee...

Single? What is your comment on that status?

Yeapp...single...most of the girls who are in a relationship fear of that S word. Well, being single is not that bad. It is just another enchanting experience. Doesn't mean that u are single, mean u are nothing or unhappy. Being single mean u can do anything u want too without nobody stopping u. heeee..
It is kinda...emmm...should i call it FREEDOM?? Most cute guys are single. U wanna know why? it's because they can't decide who they wanted or mean that they just love the freedom that they got. Being in relationship, mean RULES, RULES, RULES.. Ya. RULES.. They are lot of rules when u are in a relationship. I know i might sound wrong but believe me.. I've experienced it in my previous relationship. U can't do this, u can do that..bla..bla.bla.. CRAPS!!! hahahaha.. U are not married yet...but what with that RULES?? Do we have too? nonsense..
Being single is not that bad. It is fun. U are allow to see hot guys without no one stopping u. U can go wherever u want. U can go out till the morning dawn. U can stay out wherever u wanted too. U can go out with who ever without no one being jealous... Don't worry when u are single.. being single doesn't mean that the world has come to it's end..hehehehe..
It is the start of a new journey. hehehe.. just forget about ur exes...thy are just ur past. get rid of the memories that u once had together. Start a new memory being single without a partner. Being single mean u will spend more time with family and friends. Before this, u spent most of the time with ur bf/gf. Now u can spend more days with ur FnF..hehehehe... spending time with family is more precious than anyone else in this world. ..

I'm living my single life with lots of fun and excitements..!! AHAKS!!

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