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Friday, February 5, 2010

Breaking A Girl's Heart

Boy, before you do this to a girl..Please take note that : 

1. Girl are HUMAN BEING.. 
~ They deserve to be treat nice.
2. Girl has feeling. 
~ Girl's feeling are mostly fragile. They may look strong but they are hurt badly inside.
3. Girl sincerely loves their man.
~ Once a girl love her man, she will loves him with all her heart.
4. Girl never forget the "IMPORTANT DATE" in their life.
~ They always remember the important dates such as their BF's birthday, anniversary day, valentine day n etc..
5. Girl do their best.
~ Girl will do their very best to make their man happy always.
6. Girl usually takes the blame.
~ They will take the blame even though it is not their fault because of their love toward their BF.
** BF just know how to blame their GF.
7. Girl cry when they really hurt.
~ Some boys might said that girls are DRAMA QUEEN by doing that "crocodile tear's". FYI, we are not!!
8. Girl has dignity and self-respect.
~  We respect ourselves and we do take good care of ourselves without depending on others.
9. Girl always be patient no matter in what circumstances.
~ Keep our head on the game is what we do, we never give up or lose patient in what we wanted.
10. Girls are SPECIAL.
~ We are special in every way. No matter what color-skin, height, weight, race or believe, we are special. We are special in our very own way. 

So, relationship can bring both great joy and great sorrow to one's life, but therefore we strive only for a better relationship.


  1. Exactly!!! Some guys just don't understand how are we feeling =(

  2. I do believe in good relationship and understanding........ but in work and career and the girl i meet that never understand our work when we come home too late or too early in the morning....... but at last I am the one who hurt more.......