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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The best time i can cry myself out is when i'm driving alone from school..i would drive n crying at the same time..
the only place i can cry alone without no one knowing it... i just don't know to who should i share my problems..i rather cry all alone in the car.
fake a smile and try myself to be happy..
5 days a week..i guess i cry in every single day after work....
I just wish i could tell someone how i feel...what in my mind...but i don't know to who i should...n i end up hurting myself...i just couldn't do..n i hate myself...LOVEY-DOVEY mode is always there with me..everyday..I just hate myself for this...
Cry..cry...can u feel it in my eyes that i actually crying inside...i may look happy but yeah..i'm too good to be true..
I cry inside but i never show it to u..i will always make myself to be funny n act silly..i guess i never that lucky likes u..! I try to cope up with thing n try to be someone better..
I just hold on to my faith n try to be the happiest girl..try my best to make myself smile n laugh even i know sometimes it's FAKE..

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