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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My heart can't lie but my mind plays trick on me..

The hardest thing in life is when u have to decide what is the best for u n those around u..
Your heart says it is right but your mind just says NO..that what make it difficult!
Whether u make it follow what your heart says or making the right choice with a rational thinking..

I just couldn't decide what should i do..which should i heart or my mind?

My heart just can't deny how much i want much i miss much i fall for much i need him by my side...i just can't lie that i don't need him at all.
I miss his laugh, i miss his kiss, i miss his smile, i miss his jokes..n i miss him in every single way.

My mind said the opposite..he's not mine...he is owned by other. He will never can't be mine..coz if he do..i will end up breaking those fragile hearts around him. I don't wanna be the sharp knife of a short life. I don't want to hurt those around him. 

But still, i can't decide what i should do..which should i follow..i hate to see him sad but i don't want to hurt those around him. The guiltiness in me is really making me feeling insecure n paranoid. I don't want to end this relationship but i know i can't be with him forever. He is not mine..n never can't be mine..

I don't want to be a murderer. I am so sorry for doing this. Even i know it is so hard for me to let you go but i know i need to let you go one day..:'(

God..please shows me the right me your light to get through this dark path..send me an angel to guide me in this life. God, i just want him to know i will always love n remember him forever even we are not meant to be ONE..:)

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