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Saturday, January 21, 2012


is it wrong for me to love someone's else lover? I fall in it wrong for me to fall in love?  is it wrong for me to have feeling towards him? well..i is true..that love is BLIND..u never know who u will fall for..who will u in love with..
i wish he is mine..but i know u are someone's else. i don't have the right to own u...
you're presence still lingers here..your kiss..your touch..your smile...i just could not forget that..they just too much of time cannot erase..

i feel likes a BITCH for doing this..having feeling towards you..snatching him from his love's one!.oh did i?.yes..i did..betrayed the trust n faith that they built years n years...God just help me to forget him and move on.. i don't wanna be the 3rd person. i don't want to ruin his relationship. i'm just a stranger passing by...please help me to move away n carry on with my own life.
give me way..give me the right choice..give me someone who can save me..i just don't want to ruin his relationship. i know how it feel when your relationship is ruin by the 3rd really does hurt me that much..

i do believe in KARMA..n i'm scare it might come back to me one day.  Just give me a way to walk away from this. I love him but does he loves me? Or am i just a passer by in his life? when i'm with him, i feel secure, i feel so in love. he treats me likes his own..he makes me feel so happy n most of all, he makes me laugh a lot.:)

hummm..i thank you God for giving me chance to be with him even it is just a while n i know it is so wrong..but i really hope i will find someone else to love me..

I'm so sorry but yes..i love you even i know i am wrong!

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