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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My daily routine in IPGM..

Weekdays ::

Monday - Friday and sometimes Saturday..

6.30 a.m ~ Wake Up..** i'm not a morning person **
6.45 a.m ~ Get dress up..Choose outfit of the day, hair-do and make up. =)
7.05 a.m ~ Breakfast time..** Hot Milo with Maggie Instant Noodle/Toast
7.20 a.m ~ Walking to the class.
7.30 a.m ~ Class
12.45 p.m ~ Lunch time.. Nyumm...nyumm..hehehe
2.00 p.m ~ Class or Curriculum XTVT..** i'm sleepy..**
5.00 p.m ~ End of XTVT..Yeayyyyy!!
5.30 p.m ~ hang out with my buddies...go "lepak" at the beach or the kopitiam...**Kolo Mee** =D
7.00 p.m ~ Cook dinner..~ Usually i go for simple meal..hehe...or Microwave-Heated Meal. =P
8.00 p.m ~ Makan!!
8.30 p.m ~ Gossiping on the dinner table...hehehe...** Girls will always be girls..
9.00 p.m ~ Wash dishes and teasing with each others..we used to poke each others at the waist..hahaha
9.30 p.m ~ Shower..
10.00 p.m ~ T.V time..catch my favorite show on time..
11.00 p.m ~ Assignments and revisions time. I'll go online while doing my assignments..FaceBook updates..hehe..

Sleep time??
i used to sleep for 2,3 or 4 hours..the longest is 5 hours..hehehe...
And the cycle goes on and on..hahaahaa...


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