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Friday, December 24, 2010

What I Want For Christmas 2010

auchhh...i hate waiting...
now is just 6.06 p.m. aaahhh..still got an hour to go..i just can't wait to fly back home...i hope my flight won't be delay..n i hope it's not raining later.
this year Christmas seems kinda extraordinary coz we have a new member in the house. Yah, my auntie just gave birth to a baby boy. I got a new cute little baby cousin, Oswald.
This year Christmas list seems to be a little bit shorter than last year. =P
i guess so..hehehe..

1. Christmas with my family at my mum's place..yahh..can't wait to go back to Serian when i reach Kuching.

2. A new LBD..hehehe..every Christmas i must have a new case some of you didn't know what an LBD is..It is Little Black Dress.. 
I got mine already yesterday..bought it with my bestie, Dexter.

3. A new black cardigan.. Got it too..:D

4. A new phone..perhaps..haha..daddy please buy me one coz i heard u bought Brenda a new phone for this Christmas..hehehe...where is mine???

5. Elianto Marble Earth Color Blusher and Black Stage Eye Liner. * still searching for this coz i can't find it in Miri..I hope mum buy this for my present..huhuhu

6. An Ipad...hehehe...anyone generously buy me this? LOL

7. My boyfriend for Christmas...huahuaaaa...i miss Mac so much.. wish Lawas and Kuching is just a few blocks away...huhuhuhu..

and lastly.....

8. Everyone to be happy and feel bless this coming new year.. :)

I just hope all my wish will come true..and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! 

Love Thia..:)

btw, got to go to the boarding gate now...take care n MUAHX!!!

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