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Friday, December 10, 2010

When i don't know what to do..='(

the day will be gloom..
my mind will start playing this song, "You're Are Not Alone" Meredith Andrews. 
my heart beats will become so slow till i barely can feel it.
i'll be so disturbing at this moment. 
i'll make that fake smile and fake laugh so that no one know. 
tears will roll down my cheeks as i close my eyes. 
i just don' get it, there is a time when i feel so left behind. the time when everyone so busy with their own life.
time when i feel rejected and bored especially in this Oil Town..Miri. 


it's raining outside, the wind blow smoothly going through my face, the atmosphere seem so quite. everyone is out. and me sitting here in front of my notebook. staring at the updates from FB and not knowing what to do to survive this situation.
today, at this moment..again..i feel left alone..

My Mac is at Brunei at the moment and he can't text or call me..we only communicate using Skype. If only he is here with me..i won't feel likes this.. :'(
My friends are all busy with their own activities including dating. I don't blame them. It's their life, i can't stop peoples from doing what they want to do. I just wish i'm in Kuching now. It's maybe because i miss my family and friends in Kuching..that what makes me feel so gloomy today..i really need friend to laugh and talk with now but there is no one available. i wanna go shopping but no one is there to company me. hummm...i wish this is Kuching. In Kuching, i can do anything by myself. I won't feel so desperate like now. I will just start off my car's engine and drive to the nearest hang-out spot or my gf's house and we'll go window shopping together. Here, i have to text or ask THEM whether their free or able to company me.. since my classmates started dating, i feel so alone. ya, i know they should spend more time with their partner but i really feel left behind by them. I know that i always troublesome them by asking them to bring me out. Yah, i'm a shoppaholic, i'm a  movie goers and i love to go out whenever i'm free. I'm so bored till i wanna hit my own head on the wall right now. I just miss Kuching. I got a lot of Gfs there and my bffs are always be free for me. 
I just can't wait to go home..I really miss to KAYO-KAYO in Kuching....

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