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Friday, November 26, 2010

Long Distance Relationship :)

my Gaing and i are going to start our long distance relationship so soon...he is going back to Lawas..huhuhu...the only time we can meet each other is only during the holidays.i gonna miss him so much. there will be no more date every weekend and even dinner together..huhuhu..i hope that next year, my Gaing will settle down in Kuching after his convocation and always be near to me.hehehehe....
i know that we can survive this relationship..
coz i believe that our loves is strong and what most important is, we trust each other so much.

long distance relationship..

the biggest fear in girl's life.. most girls dislike long 

distance relationship...

some couples struggle hard to make their relationship 


the first question you need to ask yourself...

" Will it's work?"

yah..that's what most important. being in a long distance 

relationship is not that easy. it requires a very strong 

trust, commitment, understanding and guidelines to 


a strong commitment between you and your partner is 

what most important. 

trust and a perfect guidelines important to make your 

relationship cherish every days. distance is not the 

matter anymore is you got a strong commitment. Though 

you may not be able to see each other everyday, talking 

in the phone for few hours shows that how much he 

cares about you. When the love thing steps into play, 

you'll probably spend hours and hours on the phone or 

instant messaging and maybe also texting.

daily communication is most important. call, texts, email 

and video-call. 

The evolution of the Internet is godsend for people who 

are in long distance relationships. 

**thank's to the modern technology. 

you still can communicate via email, instant messaging 

and talk with each other free through SKYPE...

send a sweet text or cute card to your partner just to 

show how much you care for him. e-card is the fastest and 

easiest way to show how much you concern and love 

him. nowadays many website offers e-card and the best 

thing is, it is for free..

girls most of the times need attention and often feel left 

out. but if you are in a long distance relationship, you have 

to understand that your partner is not with you. you only 

can meet him once in a while or maybe during the 

holidays. express your feeling to him every single days.

tell him how much you care and miss him. 

When you express your feelings, you are letting your 

partner know that you are committed to making the 

relationship work.

once in a while, you can send a CARE-PACKAGE.. Gift 

that show how much you care for him even you are miles 


prepare a package or small gift that include a cute text 

written inside or you can also add in candy or chocolates 

with a sweet note such as 



everyone loves receive mail and so do your boo. he 

surely smile and feel appreciated by you.

set a visit to his place. everyone love surprise...he sure 

loves it. he will be so glad and happy with your 

surprise visit. 

plan your meeting or vacation together. vacation 

together can cherish your relationship and build more 

commitment. trust your partner and keep no doubt in 

your relationship is important. trusting each other and 

give your partner an honest chance to prove himself. 

trust him until they give you a reason not to.

distance is not a big issue in a relationship. it is just how 

you make it works. even you are miles away from him, 

technology will draw us closer. so, make full of the 

technology to work up your relationship.

Your long distance relationship can work if you put the 

time and effort into making it work!


  1. hey babe, you can do it, I think one of the reasons me and my fiance are doing well with our longdistance relationship is because we communicate though out the whole day. We use magicjack when he is home and skype to see each other and for cheap international calls. They definatly have the best prices... try these three methods and happy living ladies

  2. hei..thank's..yah, i just hope i can make it through...i miss him a lot but i know that we can make our relationship work..thank's a lot for ur support!