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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I want to get married....WAAAAAA!!!

teen marriage? young couples? 
marriage is a binding contract between the two parties that joins together their possessions, income and lives...and most of all share their loves eternally. 
but some define that marriage is a contract between two opposite sexes that create a kinship and produce offspring..

my personal opinion bout marriage is all about LOVE.. Sharing your love and life with the one that who really cares, loves and commit his/her life to you eternally. 

recently, my mind been playing this words..
" I wanna get married!! "..that is all been playing in my mind right now. 

i just can't describe how i feel when i see a picture of a married couple in their wedding portrait, hugging or kissing each other with lots of loves show in their eyes. my heart would sink and beat fast as if it's gonna explode. my mind will start playing love songs and start imagine myself in the most elegant yet sexy wedding gown..walking down the aisle while the sound of the beautiful piano plays..n there, my MACCLEAN GAING ANDREW waiting for me at the altar with his big smile n the loves in his eyes.. Going down the aisle with style and gracefulness..walking slowly to my prince charming who waiting patiently at the altar with a priest in front. Walk to him and stand right next to him and look at the priest together. Say our wedding vows together and make a promise to God that we will always love and care for each other no matter rich or poor, healthy or sick, we will always together, supporting each others and most of all eternally. 
the priest bless us and everyone cheers,and we kiss passionately...hehehehe..

the theme for the wedding reception is " Beach 
Wedding " will be held at the most beautiful beach in Sarawak. 

Beach weddings can be truly spectacular and 

memorable romantic landscapes because it offers 

sea, beach and sunset or dawn. 

My dress will be in light purple satin 

strapless dress with sweetheart neckline while 

my Ging will be using this luxurious black LV's 


Both of us gonna be the spotlight of the party. 

our families members, beloved friends from 

Kuching, Serian, Bau, Lawas, Miri, Peninsular 

M'sia and all over the place will come over and 

gather in this blissful moment of our life.

everyone will toast and cheer for our happiness 
eternally and we have a great and blast  wedding reception. 

and now, we are officially Husband & Wife..hehehe
I wish too..**dussss****
end of my imagination..hahaha..

But the reality is…

Fear of marriage is based on an irrational 

fear, the refusal to face the responsibilities 

and hardships of life in two. This fear is more 

met in the men who prefer to love without 

formalize the relationship . Marriage anxiety 

is manifested by direct rejections, but with 

different stated reasons that men bring to the 

foreground if possible to postpone a marriage.

You need a very strong commitment in your 

marriage. Patient and understanding with love 

and care is what you require in a TRUE 


After all, we both are still young. Soon, the 

day will come and i promise i will make it last 


** Ging @ Macclean, i love u so much..**


  1. good dream..hahahaha...ini angan2 yang well planned :)

  2. geee...thank Ad..hehee...i wish it comes true..soon..ahaahaa

  3. I can give you some tips of the wedding's;
    1. event (Beach/Garden)
    2. photo shooting(i shoot some photo of wedding for my close frens)
    3. song (maybe u know better)
    4 . and so and so,...

  4. Rod...seriously! u sure u wanna do my wedding photo shoot? :D great..thank you uncle..i know this comment was way long ago..:D