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Friday, November 19, 2010


You know that i'm know that i hate it...instead of making me happy...u just said OK with your low note tone..duhhh...why don't you calm me down...a simple jokes or ILY is enough to put the smile back to my face..i just so mad now...feel wanna scream but i can't coz it's so's almost 3 am now...if i scream, what will the neighbours say...they'll think that something bad had i only can scream deep down in my mad heart..i don't know why i'm so mad right now...i know u are the best for me..but my emotion control's against me...
I just feel wanna _________________________!!!
 i can't find a suitable word to describe it. 

Now, then you sent me a text telling me that you love me..yah, i love you too.but i'm mad now...till i don't feel wanna reply it...ergghhhhh....

It is hard to make me smile back when i'm not i guess i'm just a lil devil in the face of a sweet looking teenage girl...

need to sleep now...even my heart is aching so badly...damn...
i hate myself when i'm mad at you coz u know..i really love you..
i mean it!! 

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