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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lawas Again..:)

My second visit to Lawas...
Booked my air ticket...very-very last minutes..31st May..puhhh...quite expensive but luckily Mac's paid for it..hehe..
3rd June, reached Lawas at 8.30a.m. 
his mum fetched me from the airport and we headed for Lawas Special Kolo Mee..nyum2..breakfast on her..Thank's auntie..hehe..
10.30a.m, went to his cousin's house to help them with the wedding preparation..** tolong0tolong mana pandai buat keja kawen2 ni..hehehe,,psttt**
Afternoon, he finished his morning shift..after 2 months, he looks much fairer than me! boyfriend is so AMOI!
Grabbed some quick lunch and headed to town with him. Jalan-jalan cari makan..:D
Night, we went to his cousin's place again. This time, we helped them with the door-gifts. Even though i feel a lil bit tired and sleepy due to lack of rest since my PL n Gawai's open house but i managed to help to pack the door gifts..hehe

4th June, his cousin's wedding.. Lumut SIB Church's. 
my first time attending a Lun Bawang's wedding. Slightly different from a Bidayuh's wedding.
but too bad, i forgot to bring my camera along...:(
Afternoon, the wedding reception, held at the bride's house. EAT! :P
end of a  busy day, off to get some snooze..:)
suddenly woke up and i'm craving for SUGARBUN! 
Boo...Boo...i want Sugarbun...come...have dinner...!! :P
Mac : OK!
i'm happy and full! mission accomplished.! 
then, we went to one of the newest night spot among the youngster, where the people in Lawas named it Times Square. chit chat and snap2..hehe..:D
2a.m. Home & SLEEP!

5th June, Sunday Morning. B..wake up!! wake up...go to church..wake up dear...and yet, he is still snoring..! buang karan saja bangunkan manusia ni.
Auntie : Gaing wake up already girl?
Me : Nop..he refused to open his eyes..
Auntie : hissss...this boy!
me : *laugh..:D*
Auntie went to the room to wake Mac from his sleep.. "Gaing...bla..bla..bla.."
Membebel sudah mama B ni..hehe..serve you right B, i wake u up, u refused to wake up. Now, mama wake u up with her Sunday preach! haha
Had breakfast and off to church. 
Got home n packed all my stuffs..time to go home..SAD! huhu..
Had lunch with him n his family..
Finished my lunch then, it's time to say GOODBYE..
Flight MH3413 Twin Otter Harviland, 1.45p.m LAWAS-MIRI.

Gonna miss my Mac so much...and thank's for the awesome weekend sayang! I LOVE YOU.

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