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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can learn..just don't look down on me..

i'm not a good cook but i can cook n i'm willing to learn...

chicken curry? Check! pork with black soy- sauce? Check! fried baby-kailan? Check! mixed vegetables? ABC! CHECK!

i admit that i don't really cook at home..but doesn't mean that i don't know what is spatula..what is a wok...

house chores? ok..i love to do the dishes but hate the sweeping part..i like the laundry but not folding that basket full of clothes...
but, what important is, i know to do all of that. i know what is a broom, what it use to do the laundry, use the detergent instead of your shower gel..? some girl, i don't mean to be rude, some of them just do not know how to wash their own dirty smelly underwear..yucks! it does happened, to those girl who use to depend on their maid or WASHING MACHINE.  

Luckily mummy taught me how to do the house works even we got our own maid when me & brenda were
still kiddos..

some judged me coz of my face..they assume that me..the girl with this face, this attitude, know nothing about HOUSEWORKS or COOKING! they think that these beautiful nails and smooth hands never do dishes..
WRONG! totally wrong, my nails are beautiful coz i'm used to DIY manicure & pedicure, smooth hands? these many beauties BUY LO!

"baby? babies's poo?kids?" that is just a common thing in my life.
i'm a preschool teacher's, bulak la aku enti nda nemu pasal nembiak..! i'm teaching 20 little kids aged 5&6 now..different behaviors, different characters and naughtiness n not to forget madness.....but i managed to keep the lesson under my own control. 
I also have lil kid at own sister, Audrey.she is 7 years old. since she was born, i helped mummy to change her diaper even though i hate that poo's smell, but since then, i'm just so used to it. Giving her bath, feeding her and also making her to bed. As the eldest, i do it most of the time coz we are no longer having a maid by the time she born. i helped mummy to send her to the baby-sitter's place and fetching her back too. 
Now, she is no longer a baby, but i have another two new babies in the house, Oswald & Rindy. these are my babies cuzzies..lend my hands to baby-sit them sometimes. babies are so adorable n funny!

Still think "this face" don't even know how to do the house chores??
Dare me..i will take that challenge with arms wide open...:D

I can be a good-housewife...! i'll PROVE IT!!

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