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Saturday, May 7, 2011

once an enemy, forever a bff!

10 years ago..

My best friend is someone I have known since my childhood. Our friendship goes back to the time when I was seven years old.
But we have a very different start..

Primary school :

we called each other STUPID.
used to yell and mocked.
never talk likes a civilize person.
try to talk firmly but end up to World War 3.
used to hit with brooms ** our classroom's brooms of coz! **
never smile or even laugh.
a smile is likes a MILLION $.

we went to the same school, same class, same place to stay and even have the same circle of friends.

sometimes, i'm wondered, is he an alien?? or a demon?? 
anger, hatred and the feeling wanna dip his head into the toilet bowl is always there every time we bumped.

Secondary School :

same class, AGAIN.
still the same, always with those grumpy and arrogance looks!

but somehow, some things changed in their own ways.
maybe it because we both hit our puberties.LOL!!

we r no longer fighting or quarrel likes cat & dog but replace it with those sarcastic mode and annoying faces.
no more yelling but TALK_OUT_LOUD as if we're deaf!

Form 4, we're no longer in the same class, things got awkward.
" Finally, SILENT.. "
that's what Fiona said to me the first day we're in F4.

no sound of those mocking and nasty words from him..
walked by each other as if we don't know each other.

FUNNY but i miss those stupid argument we had for years.


focusing on our SPM, somehow we start to talk with each other, i mean REAL TALK..the firm and nice talk.
start to asking " Hi, how are you? "
even it is not so often but at least no more nasty look. :)

we left school and followed our own ways.

A few years ago, not that long ago...

somehow, leaving school, make us close. we started to ask " How are you? How's been doing? "
reconnecting and updated with each other.

Friendster, Facebook, SMSes, Music, Foods and Calls.

Now :

We are certainly is a BEST FRIEND.

no more STUPID.
no more yelling.
no more mocking.
no more argument.
no more kicking.
no more hitting with brooms.
no more Ultraman Vs Power Rangers.
no more...
more laughters.
more smiles.
more hanging-out.
more talking.
more teasing.
more conversation.
more helping hands.
more interest share.
more food to love.
more music to listen.
more shopping together.
more to siblings
more than just nobody.

we are best friend forever.

In conclusion, Dexter is very friendly and well organized person. He loves the people who speak truth and care for his friends & family. And I am very happy to have him as my best friend!

If you ask me now, how can we become good friend?
i definitely will answer TIMES!

Once we hate each other that much..but forever we are BFF!

life is blank unless u know how to color it!

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