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Monday, May 9, 2011

Morning Zoo TraXX FM's called!

9 May 2011
it's TODAY!
as i was on my way to school...
it was 7.15a.m...n i was late...huhu...
turned on to my favorite station, TraXX FM, Lenka, Trouble Is A Friend Of Mine was on air.
i usually turned it on before 7.00a.m..n i was super duper late today!!
saw my phone vibrated on my car's dashboard....~~ 0322824746~~....Unknown caller..?? who could it be...

DJ ~ " Hello..Ini Laurenthia Abun? No IC 8***********."
Me ~ "Hello?? Ya??"
I was puzzled..." OH GOSH!!! Is this the morning zoo????!!"
DJ ~ " Yes!! u should have answered me 'I LOVE THE MORNING ZOO, NOW GIVE ME MY NURA PACKAGE'. Girl, u missed the spa package for 3 worth of  RM250 each..**giggled "
Me ~ " GOD!!! i should have known it you guys! I was still blur n nervous..oh GOSHHHHH!!"
DJ ~ " Btw, are from St Lorenzo?** Giggled** U got a nice name. Laurenthia is it? :)"
Me " Yah, my name is Laurenthia..n i'm from Sarawak..LoL "
DJ ~ " We'll called u again one day n make sure u're ready and not blur! haha..Have a nice day n keep on listening to The Morning Zoo." :)
Me ~ " Gee...Thank Q "

I called Mac immediately and asked him to tune in to TraXX Fm that INSTANT!
Mac said me DATANG GILA..JERIT-JERIT on the phone..=P
**just to hear the conversation between me and Double D**
Hearing my own voice in the radio, makes me laughed the whole way to school...:D

i slept early the night before and stop thinking bout that POLAR BEAR's stuff...i won't be late to school, n i won't be late to turn on my car's radio and i would have won myself a spa package for 3..haiz....

will always LOVE TraXX FM!

btw, thank you for calling me..=D

~this pic was right after the called, i look happy but deep inside, NYESALLLLLLLL!!!

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