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Monday, March 10, 2014

1St March 2014

Everything went well. Thanks to God Almighty for all the good things in February n of coz during the preparation for my E-day.

I just feel so GLAD & RELIEVED. Finally all the stress and chaos for the preparation is OVER. one know how hard it was to prepare everything by yourself with all the veto's power telling you to do this and that...geezzz...i survived the two months! When everything is one can say No but to be happy and enjoy the celebration!

Thanks to Michael for the loves and supports! Mummy daddy n family thank you! :)

OFFICIALLY ENGAGED! Soon to be..Mr&Mrs Michael Tirasag Andrew Alek. :))

Thank you girlfriends for being there with me always! 

The dowry from Michael's side. :)

 *Pic repost from my sis's instagram.

 My engagement gift from Michael's mum. :)


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