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Friday, April 19, 2013

Byung Hee Death!

My heart stopped for a moment..this was horrible. i cried because he died..

I cried and cried..till i can't cry anymore.

The moment i watched that scene...i was shocked and then my heart stopped for a while..

He was my favourite.. and he died.

I spent the rest of my day mourning the death of his character..

His personality really got me.

It was so fast.

The moment i started to love and enjoy his character, he died.

It really teach me a lot about friendship and pursuing the dream of someone you love.

The moment i started to love it...that's when the story end.. @TEARS@ :'( * Spoiler Alert!! *

Totally a heart-breaking episode..i never cry mourning for the death of a character this bad...oh my..lee ming ki...ur character Joo Byung Hee really caught my heart! 

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