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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The day i go Violet!

2013...20th February..
Goin purple..i never thought of that before..ever! As i got back from school that idea came to me... Lets go to the saloon..i really need a head massage!
I had a rough week!
Randomly i told the shampoo girl i want a new colour.. n then a crazy thought came in..what if i go purple or red? will that be so obvious? instead of going for the normal one.. i chosed violet!
Mummy was a bit...well u know what the reaction for every mother if their daughter got a tattoo or nipple piercing. xD
Seriously im lovin hair new colour..i feel brand new!
Well..i know i have gone too far but sometimes, rules are meant to be broken..sometimes! :P

                                        Day 2 :

a few minutes after came out of the saloon.. :

Day 1 :

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