the sewer system :P

Monday, July 9, 2012

it's been a while i did not update my blog..been busy i guess.. practicum started last July. n my observer is someone..a man...a male who those seniors fear the most..hell yeah...idk..i think i deserved to be observe by him..he is just being strict n doing his work the right way. as long as u got ur work done..u're fine..well, everyone want that right..their work to be done..
for long as i got it's good enough.
just dont be those foolish self-proclaimed divas, angels n saints. promised everything but done nothing. what a stupid n foolish acts..
Self proclaimed divas, angels & saints...promise everything, done nothing. i guess nothing is happier than being part of this dramas n lies..I'm happy watching's a GREAT show..round of applause to those who's involved..thank you..:)


  1. been a while me i go blog commenting and surfin...been reading you post..regardless who and what you honest to urself :) i would not look down on you cos for what you have my support :)