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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kim Hee Chul..:)

Today..1st September 2011, HeeChul is going for his military training camp in Non San for a four-weeks basic training, before going on to serve the remainder of his 23-months stint in the military service as a public personnel member.

the first day i heard about his enlistment, it makes my heart breaks into pieces..I really wanna scream out to him and make it stop..but i know that i couldn't do that. I should have understand why he made that decision and most of all, be a supportive fan. Hee Chul said to his fans, via Gyumate : " Why are you being so is not that i am going to die.." He is always with his sense of humors.. His bubbly personality, full of surprises and most of all, he never fail to make his fans smile and laugh.. I gonna miss that..!

I know it is hard for the ELF's out there but we just have to be happy and support his decision. We should have proud of what he decided to do. The fact that he is never growing up, is the  Peter Pan's complex. I'm proud that Heenim did a right choice to serve his country as a responsible and good citizen. I know he is the playful type and full of unexpected things but deep inside he is a good brother to all the members of SJ. Heenim always be the colors that spreads the beautiful sparkles in the Kpop's world.

I promise that i will always support and wait for your comeback.. KIM HEE CHUL...HWAITING!

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