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Friday, August 19, 2011

i did it again!! oppsss...

OMG! i still can't feel my own heartbeat coz it beat as fast as the speed of light! damn! i'm falling in love again! i just can't help myself anymore from cheating.i need to spit it out now...
"Mac..i'm so sorry baby, i fall in love with him..."

i really fall for him..!!!!

this guy kills me with his sparkling eyes! his voice makes u feel fly up high in the sky..his tall and broad chest makes you wanna rip off his clothes away..his smile melt every girls in the world..he really makes every girls scream out loud.!

aa...i just can't help myself from falling in love deeply, madly n truly with him....aaaaa!!

i finally found someone likes you...u are my other half!

i HEART you so much as i LOVE my Mac!

i know it's wrong to have this kind of feeling..n cheating on Mac..but i can't help it anymore..!

dear mac, i'm so sorry..i've told you that i have a huge crush on this guy..n i hope u understand me!

P/S~ wanna know what makes he's super duper attractive to me??
COME N HAVE A LOOK at his pictures...

SEE?? i told ya...he's super duper hot!!

heee..of coz u might recognize him..
yup...he is!
he is a singer, an actor and a great performer from South Korea!
the leader of my favourite band..CN BLUE.!
Jung Yong Hwa of coz!!

i just love him..he is multi-talented n super duper hotness!!

well Mac dear, you don't have to worry coz i just fall in love with a superstar! :D

the best looking "SINGLE-EYELID" guy!!
The HOTTEST Ever Living Man-Kind! :D

you surely kill yourself after hearing this!! 

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