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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oreo Fritter? Fried Oreo?? Or should i call it CUCUR OREO?? :P

i am ANTM i got this idea from Ann..the winner for cycle 15..well, i really adore Ann..she is truly  transformed! From a typical-tall girl..or should i say..she is a bit...Geeky..but she proved to  America n the world that she can also be a Super Model! i love you Ann!

as i was watching my favorite Glee this afternoon, my mind suddenly craving for i tried my luck to look inside the " LOVE BOX "..
** Love Box is the cabinet where we put all the junk n junk n junk but yummiest snacks, cookies n bla..bla..bla..

AahA!! I got You! hehe..i finally found one in my blue tall tupperware.. Oreo Double Stuf! Yummy! 
without any hesitation and without looking at the expired date or what so ever, i opened the tupperware and ready my mouth to Twist, Lick n Dunk! haha..'s half eaten d..someone's must have opened it before..aah..xpa lah..makan saja!
So i continue with my mission..Makan!
ERKKKK!! Damn!! the Oreo is " LEMAU " ( or lost it still in good taste, good condition but not that "Ranggup"..haha..)
Haiz..wanna dump it to the dustbin? naa...would be a waste..
so..i decided to try out this Oreo's Recipe that i watch in ANTM cycle 15.yah..Ann fried that for her roomies..and the models said it was " HEAVEN "..i just have to try this!

Ingredients : 
1. Pancake's batter..** flour, egg, sugar & milk **
2. Oreo
3. Cooking Oil.

it is easy as 123..

Dunk in the Oreo into the batter and deep fry it till it turn into golden brown.just fry it likes a banana fritter...make sure you don't overcooked it or else ur oreo will be BBQ Oreo..hehee..
Toss it  and walaaa..serve it best with hot coco or hot milk!  



Terlebih garing!! haha. Don't is safe and YUMMY! Try it..

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