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Monday, October 18, 2010

Love Your Body. =)

This year...S to M/L...

you get what i mean?  yah..gained weight..
There is nothing worse that waking up in the morning and step up on the **magic weight-teller@ body scale** and puff..." I gained another 2 kilos..!!" fat days...bad hair-day is much better that fat days..It's really suck when you feeling pregnant when you are's feel like there is a big piece of sky drops on your head and knock it hard...ARGGGHHHHH!!!

But...being fat or much better to be heard as CUTE@CHUBBY is not really a big deal at all.. yah..yet i feel sexy n great..hahaha..

from size S to size M n sometime L, from 27 to big is the different? Btw, it is just the differences of numbers n alphabets...

i'm not that fat just that i gained weight n i look much " CUTER " than my skinny meeny me ** back in 2009**..
a lot of friends said this to me 
" U look so HEALTHY or What happen to you? Why you look so chubby nowadays?? "..
my answer will always be a BIG SMILE on my face..=)

you might think that i sound a lil bit paranoid coz i'm saying myself is true, everyone around me know how much i changed this year..i'm not afraid being called Chubby but not FATSO coz i'm not that BIG...hahaha...even thou i feel good but it's doesn't mean that i'm not aware of this. I do faced some normal problems due to my new size..i can't wear my favorite short pant, i can't really wear tight type of clothes** coz it will show off my bloated curve** and some of my outfits can't fit me. I know i can gain weight but i need to control n balance my diet strictly..that is why starting from...** i forget since when, but i just know that i need to slow down my MAN-EATER habit** i decided to stay balance and try to gain my ideal weight back..that is 46-48 kilograms.. 
gained weight is ok as long as you know your limits..

beautiful body is not all about being skinny n tall like the super-model. everyone can feel beautiful..
you can list out the things that you love about your body..such as you love your sexy legs or you just adore your luscious hair. the more you adore them, the more you feel confident of yourself..

just stay healthy, keep your diet balance and never feel UGLY or ASHAMED coz everyone deserved to be feel BEAUTIFUL..

psttt..:: now i'm 50kilos...from 54kilos to 50kilos in just a few weeks..hahaha...

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