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Friday, September 10, 2010


i'm mad...** the words will go bla..bla..bla..from my mouth without full stop..:0

if i'm mad..i rather be silent..i rather keep it in myself..but once it reach the high peak of my madness limit...
a time bomb will explode..
i rather let it explode silently but there is a time when i can't keep my mouth shut....
by that time, i will scream, shout, yell n do all the bad things that you never can't imagine from me..

the hatred in my heart seem to grow stronger and stronger..
these people are those who wanted to see i'm falling apart..but dudes...u'll be dreaming the rest of your life...i'll never fall into your lame words...i'll stand up tall and laugh out loud at your stupid effort to make me fall...

stop poking your nose into my business..
i don't give a damn on what you been saying bout me to who ever you wanna sell you cheap rumors.. 
just step your ass back off and let me be happy to shut my mouth up to stop cursing you..


at least now i feel a lil bit calm..much better than just now...i can think and breath easy...:)

p/s ~ way to let go my writing nonsense stuff in my blog..:DD


** haiz...what is wrong with the dogs outside..barking..barking..u guys are freaking me out till i can't really do my blogging..*sigh*

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